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Welcome to the Ancient Greek inspired realm of Thylea, where the Gods walk amongst the people. Five hundred years ago, the legendary dragonlords  forged an unbreakable oath of peace with The Ancient Titans that brought an end to the war. Now, with mere months remaining of that golden age, the Oracle Versi predicts the world’s ruin, with only a group of fated individuals standing in it’s way. 

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The World

The Heroes

Draped over a cushioned kline, the hooded figure basks in the heat of the room. The robes that hang from her slender frame, though of fine make, show telltale signs of age and wear. Her sandals look poorly suited to travelling, yet bear the wethering of long miles. With a shrug of her narrow shoulders, her hood falls back to reveal a pale face of disarming beauty. Of more concern, however, is the nest of vipers that unfurl from her head, inspecting their surroundings with ophidian indifference. She avoids direct eye contact with those around her, keeping the lids of her green eyes low. Gently - delicately - Euryale strokes the neck of one the serpents and smiles, as though the creature had imparted a most private joke. 

She hails from the family Sideris but has recently gotten married to Sullas Neurdagon.

 Three things strike you about Aella on first meeting her.

  • First: she stands at every inch of her seven and a half feet and seems to almost accidentally dominate nearly every space she is in.
  • Second: her armour is a hodge-podge of dull and damaged parts from across Thylea, except her perfectly polished bracers.
  • Third: her face is weathered and worn as if it has seen a thousand storms and twice as many fights, highlighted by the eye-patch over her scarred right eye.

Tryntia stands slightly over 5ft tall with long, thick hair that is a slightly unusual colour for a Triton, being a dark purple. Her body is slight but that of a soldiers, toned with the occasional scar from years of training and battle. Though her face is young, her eyes have been battle-hardened, to protect herself from the tragedies of war.

 Her light blue skin slightly shimmers in sunlight from her scales but is only really noticeable if you're looking for it. She proudly wears traditional clothing and armour of her race, mainly things they have fashioned from the seafloor, held together by rope from sunken ships. She wears a bronze circlet to signify her bonding with Yklezion, her bronze Dragon.

There's no mistaking the short, winged, birdlike figure of an Aarokocra; ruffled dark grey feathers mottled with patches and smears of copper adorn the wings, head, chest, and bare arms of what seems to be a bright eyed, adolescent birdfolk.

Clothed lightly with only leather and cloth straps on the chest and cloth trousers, the only possessions that are carried seem to be at the figure's sides - a thick book and a small satchel. Standing at just under 5 feet, his head darts as he nervously scans the environment, clearly out of place in this new land.

The most striking thing about Praxos, is the bow he carries everywhere he goes. It is made of black locust wood with a green silk bowstring and a horn and an auroch leather grip.

I am Praxos, the archer, legion's bane, the fate twisted, born under the dreamer, but wide awake to the hardships of a cruel world.

Eurytus stands just over 7 ft. tall, a lean man’s body standing proud from the shoulder of a chestnut workhorse. 

He always appears kind and approachable with his hair tied back, his coat well-groomed and tail tightly braided, though his sheer size lets him cut an imposing figure. From his neck hangs a sprig of mistletoe, though closer inspection would show this to be finely carved jade, with a single berry of darkened lavender crystal.

The Rest


Thylea is a small continent surrounded on all sides by an ocean called the Forgotten Sea. The natives of Thylea are Centaurs, cyclopes, gygans, nymphs, satyr's, and other fey races. Thousands of Human settlers arrived in Thylea five hundred years ago. There are numerous languages spoken and there is a specific clothing style.

The Laws of Thylea are extremely important.

  • Sacred Oaths. Oaths are taken very seriously in Thylea. The punishments for violating an oath are severe
  • Mortal Curses. Breaking oaths or violating the laws of Thylea may cause you to be afflicted by dreadful curses.
  • Thylean natives. Centaurs, satyrs, nymphs, and other native races live and work alongside the settler races. The peace with their many tribes is precarious.

All major events that happened in Thylea in the last 2500 years can be found --> here <--.

The Ancient Titans

Thylea is named after the mother goddess who watches over the continent. She and her husband, Kentimane the Hundred Handed, bore many children. These ancient gods form a pantheon called “the Titans.” The two most powerful of their children are:

  • Sydon, Lord of Storms. He is the ancient Titan who once ruled over Thylea, long before the arrival of mortals. He seeks to dominate the land once again—to be worshipped by all mortals. He controls all the waters of Thylea, including the weather, and sacrifices must be offered to him daily.
  • Lutheria, Mistress of Death. She is the sister-wife of Sydon. She has dominion over the underworld, and she seeks to corrupt mortals and capture their souls for her own amusement. In spite of this, she is honored by frequent sacrifices and wine festivals throughout the land.

The Order of the Dragonlords

For many ages, Thylea was a wilderness of centaurs, satyrs, cyclopes, and other creatures who worshipped the Titans. Mortals who came to Thylea lived in small, defenseless tribes—until the arrival of The Order of the Dragonlords. The Dragonlords were an order of heroic, dragon-riding mortals who came to Thylea five centuries ago. They initiated the First War against the Titans and defeated their armies. Most of The Order of the Dragonlords and their dragons were killed during this conflict

The Five Gods

When all seemed lost, the mortals of Thylea were saved by the sudden appearance of the Five Gods, who walked the land in mortal guise. They forced the Titans into a temporary truce, called the Oath of Peace.

Volkan, God of Forges

Kyrah, Goddess of Music

Mytros, Goddess of Dawn

Pythor, God of Battle

Vallus, Goddess of Wisdom

The Oath of Peace

The Oath of Peace has prevented open warfare with the Titans for five hundred years. But now, the truce is ending. The power of the Five Gods wanes, and the Titans prepare to wage war upon mortals once again.

The Oracle's Prophecy

The Oracle is a water nymph named Versi. She is Thylea's most famous prophet, and she has recently had a terrifying vision of the future. She has called for a band of mortal heroes to join together to confront the Titans.

The Mortal Kingdoms

There are three major kingdoms in Thylea.

The Kingdom of Mytros was the first kingdom founded by the Dragonlords. It is the largest city in all of Thylea and the center of commerce, religion, and politics. The ruler of Mytros is King Acastus, one of the last descendants of the Dragonlords.

The Kingdom of Estoria is an ancient stronghold that has resisted centuries of attacks by centaur's, cyclopes, manticores, and other dangers which thrive in the steppes. The ruler of Estoria is King @pythor, the God of Battle.

The Kingdom of Aresia has long been a rival to the kingdom of Mytros. The two cities have been engaged in dozens of wars over the last several hundred years, which are collectively known as the Aresian campaigns. The ruler of Aresia is Queen Helen.

The Heroes of Thylea

You are one of the heroes who has been called by the Oracle's prophecy to save the world from the tyranny of the Titans. Whatever your personal background, be you a native or an outsider you know that you are destined for greatness.

Georgis has been part of the marine crew of The Titan's Wrath for the last 4 years. He is a slight man, at first glance, not an intimidating fighter but he has a way to slip past you and slip a blade into your throat that quickly propelled him up the ranks.

He has a parrot called Ghallo.

This small temple stands out from its surroundings due to the obvious wealth that has been lavished on it. The temple interior is dominated by dozens of statues of a grinning, dark-eyed woman with a scythe. Casks and painted jugs of wine are stacked along the walls. The temple is filled with a sweet fragrance. While Chondrus frequents this place it is primarily maintained by a family of wine merchants keen to promote the worship of Lutheria. The high priest of this temple is a man called Trellus and he is assisted by his sister, Septia.

Minotaurs are not born, they are created by powerful curses. They are usually treated very poorly in cities.

Legend of the Minotaurs 

Over a thousand years ago, a tribe of humans washed ashore in Thylea and came to live in the southern hills of the Aresian peninsula. Here, they laid foundations for a city and called it Minos. But not one man or woman among them had the strength to till the hard, rocky soil. As fate would have it, they discovered a magnificent bull that could pull a plow through any terrain for days without resting. Using the bull’s great strength, they were able to produce bountiful crops with which to survive the first winter.

Over time, the people of the tribe began to venerate the bull, crowning him as the god of the harvest. When Sydon learned of this, he was furious. He threw curses down upon the settlers and transformed them into bulls, in mockery of their insolence. Each of them was harnessed to a plow and forced to tread the same winding, geometric path, until that path became a deep, labyrinthian gorge. Eventually, the plows broke, and the people of Minos slowly began to stand upright again—but their faces had been forever changed by the curse. The people of the tribe came to be called minotaurs— the bulls of Minos—and they have never fully shed their bull-like demeanours. Some of them merely have horns and a snout-like nose, while others have the entire upper torso of a bull. Some continued to dwell in the labyrinth, while others left to explore the far reaches of Thylea. Over the centuries, they have come to view their own cursed existence as the will of the Fates.

Warrior Bulls

Minotaurs possess uncommon strength, making them excellent warriors. The curse infuses their bodies with the power of a bull at all times, and their muscles seldom relax, even when they are drunk or asleep. In battle, minotaurs sometimes lose control of their emotions and fly into a rage. When this happens, the curse takes over, transforming them back into a full-fledged bull for a short period of time.

Oathbound Slaves

Minotaurs are widely shunned, because they are believed to be unthinking brutes who have been cursed by the gods. Most minotaurs gather together to form small farming or fishing communities, far from civilization. The only way that most minotaurs can find work in cities and villages is to swear oaths of service that effectively reduce them to the status of slaves. Many bear this humiliation with stoic grit, but others resort to banditry rather than submit to the unreasonable demands of cowardly superstition.

"The two stars directly above us are the Twins, named for Sydon and Lutheria.  One day, the Great Tree (from which all Thylea was born) blossomed with seven shimmering fruits.  Seeing this luscious bounty, Kentimane reached from the ocean and devoured the fruit, casting the spike-covered pits aside.

The pits floated on the water, taunting Kentimane.  In his anger, he smashed them to the bottom of the sea, pricking his hands on the thorns and leaving a wash of blood in the waves.  The next morning the seven pits floated back to the surface and split open, and the Titans, the children of Thylea and Kentimane, burst forth, fully formed.

But one of these seven pits gave birth to a pair of Titans, Sydon and Lutheria.  The youngest of Kentimane's children, they would eventually overthrow their siblings and conquer all of Thylea in their lust for power."

Not much is known about Volkan except that he is the husband of Mytros. He concerns himself with artifice and crafting and is primarily worshipped by smiths and wizards. He is depicted as an elderly and wise-looking man. He is rumoured to travel through the Heartlands on the winter solstice, distributing toys and sweets to children.



His symbol is a silver anvil wreathed in blue flame


Earning and Losing Piety

You increase your piety score to Volkan when you expand the god’s influence in the world in a concrete way through acts such as these:

  • Fighting against those who would rule over others

  • Taking decisive action on impulse

  • Destroying something that has outlived its usefulness

  • Creating something wondrous in Volkan’s name

Your piety score to Volkan decreases if you diminish Volkan’s influence in the world, work against freedom or self-expression, or allow tyranny to take hold through acts such as these:

  • Following an unjust law despite your misgivings

  • Creating something shoddy or flawed

  • Backing down from a fight or a contest


Piety Needed


Piety 3+ 


Piety 10+ 


Piety 25+ 

Champion of The Forge

Piety 50+ 

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