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"See those stars that are shaped like a flower? That's the constellation of the Trickster. There once was a nobleman who took great pride in the vast rose gardens that bloomed on his estate. Eventually, these roses attracted the attention of the great trickster goddess, whose name has been forgotten.

The Goddess admired the nobleman's beatiful flowers, but she mocked his boasts: it was his servants who deserved the credit, for they tended his gardens.  So the nobleman made the goddess a wager - if he could grow a field of red roses without the aid of his servants, then she must agree to marry him.

She agreed, and for a year the nobleman tended a plot in his garden with his own two hands - planting the seeds, cultivating the soil, watering and weeding every day.  It was hubling, back-breaking work for the vain nobleman, but the seeds eventually took root and grew.  But when the bushes finally flowered, the petals were not red, but white - the godess had switched the seeds to teach the braggart a lesson!"



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