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"During The First War, Pellania, a famous bard, was captured by Lutheria, the Goddess of Dreams and Death.  Terrified as to her fate, Pellenia sang songs of dark humor that made light of the First War's atrocities, won Lutheria over, and so won her freedom.

But as she departed, Pellenia grew overbold and tried to steal Lutheria's treasures.  She was captured again and taken to the Island of Oathbreakers.  There, Lutheria made her an offer: if Pellenia could make her laugh with one last song, then all would be forgiven.  Before Pellenia could take up her lute, Lutheria reached out with her claws and ripped out the bard's tongue, forever silencing her beautiful voice."

"The five stars i t he constellation of the Bard remind us of Pellenia's tale.  The two brightesst are the singer herself; the next two symbolise her lute; the small, flickering star between them is her severed tongue."



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