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"In the Stars to the east you can see the figure of a six-armed, one-eyed giant: the Gygan."

"When the Dragonlords first arrived, there was much strife between the newcomers and the native races of Thylea.  Blood was spilled, but none reveled in the slaughter of warfare as much as Estor Arkelander, who was the general of the Dragonlord armies. In one brutal battle, he wiped out every gygan warrior to the last.

After the massacre, the children of the gygans prayed to Sydon and Lutheria for protection.  Moved by their plight, the great Titans rallied the centaurs, the nymphs, all the native races.  They attacked the settlements of the Dragonlords across the islands in retaliation for Estor Arkelander's crimes.  The First War had begun."



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