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Luciano Vanitoso would not consider himself a swordfighter. He prefers to describe himself as an artist, with his rapier as his brush and the battlefield  as his canvas. This dwarven swashbuckler relies in a duel as much on his charming quips and disarming winks, as on his masterfully crafted rapier Avidità. A former member of Ordo Spadino (Musketeers) he is bound by honor and valor, but a bit of gold never hurts.

A Firbolg paladin on a quest for vengeance. He joined The Raven Shield in 642 5E, and fought in the Battle of Dragon Head Pass.

A fugitive from the Mergorod Militia who deserted his rank after a traumatizing incident. His time in the army changed him, awakened his magic, but he was also scarred for life: he was more cold, living without a goal. His travels would eventually lead him to Erenen hoping to find work, a purpose, and perhaps a new place to call home.

Ryo d'Argento is an Elven wizard and the heir to the d'Argento estate. Born into wealth in Port Calto, he learned in his youth that his family has gotten its riches and status because of two reasons: loyalty and honor. With the best tutors money could buy and using his incredible intellect, he grew up into an excellent spellcaster and a great historian.

The d'Argento family used to be part of the Ordo Sacculis, but since the Aregrionno Civil War they have separated from the Ordo. Ryo's father does not share the Aregris Alliance's beliefs that there should be a nobility ruling over the common people. Ryo did not understand his father's choice, but as always, he remains loyal to the family.

By his father's command, he has travelled to the front to lead the people of Val Luno to victory.

Lance is a former/current mercenary, with a love for alcohol and fights.

With Imland being as spread-out as it is, a method of fast communication proved vital to maintaining any form of community and structure.

With magic users being relatively rare, the people have trained ravens as messengers. Hurting or hunting ravens is seen as a grave offense.