1. Organisations

Ordo Sacculis (Order of the Purse)


The Ordo Sacculis is the guild of merchants and bankers in Aregrionno. Under The Covenant of the Three, it organizes all financial matters between provinces and imports and exports goods on a national level. It taxes the goods and labor provided by the Ordo Lavoro (Order of Labor) to pay for the Ordo Gladio (Order of the Sword), and makes sure that national resources are used in a responsible manner.

Its historical seat is Unknown, due to its central location in the country.

During the Aregrionno Civil War, the Ordo Sacculis was responsible for reforming the Ordo Gladio (Order of the Sword) into Royal Army of Aregis.

While the Civil War is not explicitly a conflict between guilds, it would be fair to say that it is at least very close to being a guild war, given the big role Ordo Sacculis resources and -personnel play within the Aregis Alliance.

Delinda Santino, notably, is simultaneously the Guild Master of the Ordo Sacculis, a general of the Aregis Alliance and the commander of the Royal Army of Aregis.

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