1. Events

Aregrionno Civil War



The ongoing conflict between the Aregis Alliance and the Val Luno, sometimes also called the Loyalists and the Rebels.

Following the Siege of Val Tanza in Midfall of 641 5E and the subsequent Val Aregis - Val Tanza Alliance, the careful balance of power in Aregrionno now shifted in favor of Val Aregis.

Aregrionno has historically been a republic for centuries, with Val Aregis being a province that thrived on housing the Ordo Sacculis (Order of the Purse). Now, however, they were clearly after more power, proclaiming an Emperor had made a rightful claim of the 'throne' of Aregrionno.

Treaty of Aregis

On the 25th Springdawn, 642 5E, representatives of Val Luno, Val Ossus, and Val Frossa were invited to Unknown for what the Aregians hoped would be a successful unification of the entire nation. Val Luno responded with outrage to the suggested treaty, leaving the city shortly after. Val Frossa did not comply, yet did also not rebel, attempting and succeeding to stay neutral - for now. House Rubiano notably bend the knee, aligning Val Ossus with Val Aregis and Val Tanza, in what was now known as the Aregis Alliance.

Formation of an Army

On the 2nd of Midspring, 642 5E, the Ordo Gladio (Order of the Sword) was dissolved and reformed into the Royal Army of Aregis, with Delinda Santino being appointed its commander. On the 5th of Midspring, Vito Vitali and his Black Hand mercenary company aligned themselves with the Aregis Alliance. The reason for these quick reformations became clear soon after.

Val Luno

On the 15th of Midspring, 642 5E, the Invasion of Val Luno was launched with a multi-pronged attack.

The Black Hand and Royal Army of Aregis crossed the Duro river over the Crepuscolo Bridge, marching along the Great Eastern Road towards Asemo at the heart of the Valle Alba.

House Rubiano, leading the Val Ossus Militia from the south, was eager to claim its two biggest prizes: Crinia and Port Sena

Crinia and Asemo had fallen by the 4th of Summersdawn. Now in control of the entire Valle Alba, any resistance in the Crinia Swamps was swiftly put down by the combined forces of the Black Hand and Ossus militia.

The Great Stalemate

Starting around roughly the 8th of Summersdawn, the Invasion of Val Luno fell into what many described as the Great Stalemate. With the Aregis Alliance being the aggressor, a big advantage came from the element of surprise, and the relative isolation of the Valle Alba and Crinia Swamps. At this point, however, the bulk of mobilized Val Luno forces had arrived, bolstered by many volunteers responding to the news from the south. While not particularly wealthy, the region is host to countless strong Ordo Lavoro (Order of Labor) workers, more than willing to die to protect their homes.

The Black Hand ran into coordinated resistance on the northern edge of the Crinia Swamps in their attempt to reach Port Sena. Port Sena still stood, with its long history of conflict giving it the perfect foundation to withstand long sieges. The Royal Army of Aregis found themselves locked in the Passagio Stretto, the narrow sliver between the Duro river and the Principe Peaks. Several expeditions through the Peaks had failed, due to the extreme nature of the terrain, and coordinated mountaineering Rebels.

At this point, Delinda Santino started considering more unorthodox methods of approach. In the long run, the Aregis Alliance possessed far more resources, making the prospect of pushing the Luno Rebellion off the peninsula seem like a matter of time. The coffers of the Ordo Sacculis (Order of the Purse) run deep, and there would always be mercenaries available in Helladris, or perhaps even Dorwin.

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