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The world of Thaelia revolves around the continent of the same name and the political and cultural struggles that plague it since humans became the dominant faction over a thousand years ago. Once a safe haven for elves, dwarves, gnomes and other creatures, humans started settling in thousands of years ago through war and conquest.

The most powerful human countries of the continent are now the Republic of Rivandol and the Kingdom of Arden, both in an alliance bringing stability to the continent. The elves live exiles in the north in Frynia.

Veronica Korsch is a female half-elf noble paladin from the kingdom of Arden. She was born a bastard to a human noble Timo Kosch and a half-elven mother. Her father Timo legitimised her in his death will, giving her legal access to the noble name. She was always an issue for Timo's family (all humans), and she has no contact with them since her father's passing.

She and other adventurers dealt with some hags a few years ago and learnt of a hag conspiracy. She tracked down some of the hags and her friends were killed, forcing her to continue on her own. 

Veronica has been able to defeat one of the three hag sisters called Trübe (murky) Matthilde and extract names of children from her. She is now busy in Bad Axweiler known as "The Gentleman" or "Der Kinder Schlucker" and dealing with exterminating the hag children of the Kingdom. Her motivations are pure: destroy this problem before it becomes a bigger problem. If the public knows about this, no one will trust anyone anymore. She tried contacting the King two years ago but with the war from Othiria there weren't any resources, so she started working on her own.

Over the last year or so, Veronica has killed just under 50 hag children, and still has about thirty left on her list. She started with those closest to awakening, and for some she was too late and just found dead families. She has people in various towns working for her and some have gone silent for a while, which she suspects were defeated by the awakened children or hags catching up to her actions.

She suspects there to be more, but she doesn't have all the names

Asolo is a costal village in the province of Udrino, in the empire of Torchio. Being on the edge of the empire, and part of a more recent acquisition, the empire's presence isn't as strong here, with policing left more to the local guards.


The town is controlled by Count Vitelli who inherited the town from his uncle who died heirless. The people mostly agree that Count Vitelli is doing his best, but his methods aren't always the most effective or efficient.


The town has several inns and taverns, most famous the Pesce e Pesce. The local church is devoted to Pelor. The count and his family lives in the small Vitelli manor outside of the city. The port is usually the busiest place, as most of the town's economy runs on fishing and sending it off on carts to the rest of the province.

Recent events

  • The previous guard leader Cesario died in a drunken fight. He was replaced by Rebecca Coppi.
  • A storm hit the town recently, with the port still damaged and not yet fully repaired.
  • Previously a wanted criminal, Maria La Marchini is back in town trying to make a living.

The Sands of Medina campaign centered around Diony the satyr bard, Dalakad the kalashtar druid, Nalin the tiefling ranger, Agron the shifter rogue, and Ratash the leonin fighter. The campaign starts in the small coastal town of Asolo during a local festival dedicated to the sea Goddess, during which the adventurers learn about the plight of the town.

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