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The country of Frynia, also known as the Elven lands, is a theocracy on the continent of Thaelia. It's capital and biggest city is Ayr-su-Arymis. The kingdom is very isolationist and doesn't interact much with other countries. It holds a closed doors policy, only allowing a limited number of foreigners into it's costal city of Aavoch.


The country's population is estimated at about 600'000, composing mostly exclusively of elves and a few half elves. Since the events of the Frynian Closing, only a handful of foreigners are allowed into the country.


The country has a system known as the Runekeepers. Each town and city has members of the Runekeepers that take decision as a majority for the area, and each area has one representative in the country's Runekeepers. Members of the Runekeepers are unknown to the public, and usually unknown to its own members. 

To become a Runekeeper, a person must receive an invitation from their area's runekeepers. During a session, a runekeeper can put forward a motion to invite someone to the group, and a 60% majority must approve of them.




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