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King of Sanaris
Player Character


Seamus McHammerface is the half elf king of Sanaris, a powerful and legendary warrior, and a once-commoner that hailed from a small farming community in Hymnethas. He was once a young farmer from Bylhivar, but after his home was destroyed by the Shadow Guard, he set off from his homelands to do the things he loves most - fighting and drinking. Seamus was previously unconcerned by status and politics, but after realizing his heritage was linked to the power of House Zelvass, he led a revolt against the highly corrupt Khymal Set to instate a new monarchy under his rule. Seamus has a soft spot for animals, particularly a strange, dirty stray dog he named Mange.


Seamus is quite tall and a bit rugged. His breastplate armor obscures much of his body. He has messy brown hair and an impressive muscular frame. Seamus' left arm appears matte black, and his fingertips seem to end in sharp points. An additional pair of arms extend from underneath his original two.

Seamus is loud and impulsive, easily distracted, and content to let most conflicts devolve into violence. Regardless, he is still a loyal friend to those that do right by him, but is also known to hold petulant grudges.

Skills and Abilities

Seamus seems to be a somewhat competent fighter, and often tries fight using unconventional means. He has shown great expertise in wielding the onyx greatsword he took from a particularly large Storm Knight.


Seamus seems to have some sort of unnatural luck keeping him alive. He has so far survived a number of questionable scenarios.

Fucked Up Arm

Seamus's arm is all kinds of fucking weird. Some unknown liquid spilled on his left arm, turning it into a strange, stretchy rubber thing. Seamus has learned how to stretch it up to 20 feet away.

Even More Arms

Due to the corruptive influence of a demon, Seamus has an extra set of arms that sprouted below his normal set. He has learned how to control these arms with considerable dexterity, allowing him to wield two greatswords at once.

Blood of Zelvass

Seamus contains the powerful, magical blood of Zelvass in his veins, capable of unlocking and utilizing the many chambers and relics that the Zelvass family bound to their blood.

Ley Residue

As a result of being directly exposed to ley energy, Seamus manifested a strange effect that causes all small particles and liquids to fly away from him, akin to a magnet. Seamus's mere presence can disperse gases and dust, but it also makes it rather difficult for him to take a bath.


Seamus is from a small town known as Bylhivar in the Hymnethal District in Sanaris. His home was destroyed by the Shadow Guard in order to end a bloodline of House Zelvass. Seamus managed to escape the carnage, and began wandering Gessaria afterwards, making attempts to stay away from his past.

Seamus eventually wound up in the Lurkertail in the Nightspell Moors, drinking in a small bar in the town of Dorim. Seamus began to antagonize a group of bandits in the bar, who kidnapped him and threw him in the brig of a stolen ship. Seamus was discovered by the Peas, who freed him, and he decided to help them rescue Merin Lavelle and William from the clutches of Kreegal. However, when in the bandit hideout on Sordin Isle, Seamus stumbled upon a large quantity of wine, becoming extremely drunk and eventually getting left behind as the Storm Knights and the Caustic Bandits burst into the hideout for an all out battle.

Seamus was mistaken for a bandit in the battle, and after being heavily injured, was made to retreat by his "allies", who helped him escape to the seas around the Tevari Isles. The Storm Knights followed, and Seamus eventually battled one on the high seas, wresting the sword Voidspeaker from his hands before passing out and finally washing up upon the shores of the Lurkertail again. Making his way back north, Seamus eventually met up with the Peas again, and formally joined up with them to escort Kradva Ospen to Madrioc, as he was heading in that direction anyways. Soon after rejoining the Peas, a courier found Seamus and delivering him a letter claiming he owed a large amount of land tax to the Sanarian Tax Agency for the land he had not live on in some time.

Seamus traveled with the party for some time, heading up to the towns of Vardev and Kinoclast, where he climbed Azmok's Tower and met Godfrey in battle. In this fight, Seamus' arm was coated in a black sludge from a random potion bottle, giving him his rubber arm. While investigating the actions of Mardyth and Leadbelly Balnar around Vardev, he became fast friends with Goldtack, the dwarven lieutenant of the Thurimbane. Later on, he encountered a stray dog in the forest that he named Mange and immediately adopted. Soon after, he fought Arghan Highmaker Athuniano, and ran from Abrax at the Bandry Keep.

Seamus stayed with the group until they arrived in the city of Madrioc, delivering the Sallow Stone to Renbedar Uleshan on behalf of the recently deceased Kradva. While walking through the city, Seamus encountered a Collector Knight, prompting him to run and have the knight give chase. As it turned out, the knight was after a different tax evader, but warned Seamus that his knight would come eventually. Seamus later competed in the Mad King's Festival with the rest of the Peas, earning first place. After the Peas agreed to deliver the Sallow Stone to Deowyn Centhos on behalf of Razodon Goswin, Seamus received an amulet from Avelos the Learned that would disguise him as Turica La'suras, as he needed a consistent disguise as to not be discovered in Sanaris, where the group was headed. Seamus decided to name himself Murica while in this form.

Traveling north into Sanaris, Seamus, as Murica, eventually met the fiery Yoxxel, who she immediately fell in love with, though the normal Seamus was indifferent. After delivering the Sallow Stone to Deowyn, Murica traveled north to Peralas, making misguided attempts to court Yoxxel, who was primarily disinterested. As Seamus, he participated in the sealing of Tarisi, eventually crawling from the rubble and making it back to Hymathel after being given Veravine as a gift from the elves of Peralas. During the Peas' attempt to clear Hymathel of demons, Seamus was corrupted by demonic blood, growing two arms that he later had chopped off. Additional demonic influence prompted him to regrow the two extra arms, though this time he decided to keep them. After defeating the Bottle Demon and being infused with ley energy, Seamus finally met up with his uncle Cormac McHammerface, his only living relative, to warn him about his issues with the Collector Knights.

When Journey was being chased by her brothers, Seamus went with the group to Sanar, eventually making it up to Godsreach, where he was cornered by the Collector Knight Corvel. Seamus managed to kill Corvel, earning new confidence in his power, and learning that his debt was steadily increasing. When the group headed to the Tomb of Zelvass when Tyerjon attempted to make a deal with Eilon Terix, Seamus found that he was capable of opening the doors of the tomb, though at the time, he was unaware of the significance. While exploring the tomb while looking for the Sigil of Zelvass, Seamus learned much about the Sanarian royal family, only truly realizing the significance of his blood when it was pointed out by the ghost of Aniala Zelvass. After choosing to leave the sigil in the tomb following a fight with Anlath, Seamus participated in a battle against the Shadow Guard, the Divine Branch, some devils, and the denizens of Shiloae. It was here that Seamus saw the face of Gaval'sar Gasvado, the elf that had killed his parents so long ago. Gaval'sar managed to retreat from the battle with the help of Derriden Copswhet, but Seamus vowed he would kill him. After venturing back into the tomb, Seamus found a book of his lineology, learning more about House Zelvass.

Seamus participated in the war against Zahast, playing a large part in the defeat of the dragon. Seamus managed to completely avoid the horrors of the Grimhold Keep by using Veravine to grab a winged kobold containing a key to the cellar from the top of the hold, saving the party time and resources.

Seamus returned to Hymathel to both rescue Mange and protect his uncle. When the Peas stole back the Sallow Stone from Deowyn after learning of his devilish nature, Seamus was tracked by Gaval'sar, who attacked him both in the devil's tower and in the mountains of Taerin Ucarin. Seamus was finally able to separate the mage Derriden from Gaval'sar in the conflict, allowing him to murder Gaval'sar, chop off his head, and throw it at Derriden to kill him as well. Seamus minced Gaval'sar's body into tiny chunks, which he later mailed to the Sanarian Tax Agency. Seamus was present when the group was whisked away by the Nightseeker and teleported to the Tomb of Vortek, where despite Seamus' efforts, Vortek was revived, albeit weakened by the Nightseeker's artifice. Seamus quickly grew fond of Vortek's misguidedly violent nature, and fought with the demigod through legions of his own followers, though he eventually broke off to make it to the shoreline and escape the island. On the Isle of Twisting, Gnashing Things, Seamus met the adventurer Ulian Bowband for the first time, though they quickly left each others' company as Seamus sailed with the Peas to the south.

After braving the waters around the Isles of Wrath, Seamus entered the Ceon'tir Bastion, meeting with the commander, Relyan Velowyn. Relyan realized the significance of Seamus' blood and honored him as the true king of Sanaris, as all the knights of the keep did the same after Seamus was able to open a sealed room containing the kingdom's crown. Seamus promised to return to lead his people, but asserted that he needed to end the Nightseeker's plot before. Relyan pledged the allegiance of the Vigilant Dragon for whatever purpose Seamus required. After making a deal with Selathwin that required them to stay in the Isles of Wrath, Seamus threw a giant feast for the Bastion, commissioning chefs from Madrioc to deliver food through the Roomy Chest.

Seamus accompanied the Peas through the waters of the Isles of Wrath alongside a number of ley-affected individuals, eventually making it to Slaghead Island. Seamus teleported with the rest of the party to Fusalis, eventually making his way to the cave village of Shiesia and fighting off the occupying Dracohest. Seamus was with the group when they confronted the terrifying Ferazir, and fled after the party angered the dragon, finally making back to the Temple of the Earth and being directly exposed to a ley line. While in a ley dream, Seamus continually lived a thousand lives in which he chose to spare the innocent, but by doing so fueled a cycle of hatred and revenge as his consciousness moved to those he spared. He was ultimately faced with his indecision in becoming king, forcing him to steel his resolve and accept his responsibility.

Seamus played a large part in the Battle for the Sun, leading the charge against the Nightseeker. After being sped forward by the power of Krel'la Tavesh, Seamus engaged Balnar, and finally fought the Nightseeker at the center of her fort. As the Nightseeker neared the end of her ritual, a tired Seamus broke through her defenses and unceremoniously stood over her then feeble form, whacking away at her with gold swings until she ceased movement. Seamus then fled with the rest of the Peas, though he stopped briefly to vouch for freeing Vortek from a cage. He later returned to Dragon's End, where he helped throw a massive party for his friends that also served as a diplomatic mission that secured the help of King Elwar Dodren of  Falderheim and Halarain Ovastios, the deposed prince of Pallam in his plan to overthrow Sanaris.

Soon after, Seamus led the Vigilant Dragon into Pallam to overthrow the  House of Azdragast, in accordance with his deal with Halarain, beginning the Great Throne War. After Halarain was returned to the Pale Throne, he assisted Seamus in an all out attack against the borders of Pallam. Seamus launched a diplomatic campaign to secure the help of the Deadmarch, but negotiations eventually fell flat. The elven forest kingdoms of Sanaris also proved unhelpful, wishing to stay out of the conflict altogether; regardless, with the help of the Nightspell Moors, Falderheim, and Pallam, along with the tacit support of many Atavaran kingdoms, Seamus led his forces against the Sanarian military, slowly encroaching on the capital. The leadership of Sanaris eventually retreated to the capital and Seamus followed with his army; however, this was a ruse concocted by the Obsidian Guard, as they had been hiding their numbers in order to lure Seamus deeper into the nation to flank him with forces from the east and south. Seamus became trapped on Mount Sanar between the armies, but was rescued by the forces of Deadmarch due to the diplomacy of Wander and Journey. Seamus rallied his forces and continued towards the capital, but was eventually heavily injured by Palefire; however, due to healing he received from Phaelnah Ellarian, he managed to bounce back, wearing a suit of armor with Dirmsteel retreived by Tyerjon and reforged by Leadbelly Fargus. Seamus was able to lead his men in a final push against the capital surrounded by the Peas, taking the throne and fulfilling the right of his blood. As king, Seamus continued to lead his forces against the threat of Betaria, who began to utilize palefire in their military tactics. Though the ensuing battles eventually took the life of Seamus' friend King Dodren, Betaria was forced to retreat, receding back into the Dry Peninsula.

Seamus began a comprehensive reform of the governmental systems of Sanaris, returning them to a more typical monarchical rule, but less burdensome on the weak and poor. After abolishing the Sanarian Tax Agency and forgiving all outstanding debt, Seamus reformed the taxation of the nation to be more fair, toppling centuries of growing disparity in a matter of months. While the changes were jarring and led to hardship for many, Seamus was ultimately hailed as a hero of the people, especially appreciated for his humble origins. Under Seamus, relations with the surrounding nations became strong, and he organized a yearly meeting of diplomats and leaders of the kingdoms to cement the power of their relationships. One of the more controversial decisions of Seamus' rule was opening the borders between the Deadmarch and Sanaris, which is a continuing complaint amongst the king's detractors.


Seamus was once hounded by the Sanarian Tax Agency for taxes he owed on the property of his destroyed home in Bylhivar. It is likely that his name was utilized as a scapegoat, as under Sanarian records at the time he was reported as dead, and a friend of a powerful agent of the STA was living on the land tax-free. More credence is attributed to this as if he had been considered alive, the Shadow Guard would have likely pursued him much earlier than they did. Regardless, a collector knight named Corvel was assigned to hunt Seamus down. He owed 938 platinum, 3 gold, 5 silver, and 7 copper before he became king and abolished the STA for good.

Seamus is a distant descendant of the Zelvass family, the former ruling monarchs of Sanaris. As his blood is capable of unlocking many of the ancients secrets buried by the former royal family, Seamus was a target of the Khymal Set and the Shadow Guard. Seamus eventually embraced his destiny as king, overthrowing the corrupt Sanarian government and instating himself as a king of fair rule, despite replacing a democratic republic with a monarchy.

Notable Possessions

Krogdim's Deep Wine Glass - Seamus is quite fond of this item, filling it constantly with various alcohols.

Polymorph Amulet, Princess Turica Edition - In order to have a reliable disguise whilst moving throughout Sanaris, Seamus took this amulet from Avelos the Learned, appearing as Turica La'suras whenever he wore it. He referred to himself as Murica in this form. Eventually, Seamus gave the amulet to one of his trusted advisors, Vyloxen Shurilas.

Voidspeaker - Seamus managed to grab this off a large, powerful Storm Knight. He managed to forge a special relationship with the sword, as they often both wanted the same thing.

Kingkeeper - Seamus often took this powerful ancestral greatsword into battle.

Veravine - Once corrupted with powerful devil magic, Seamus had the bow cleansed to make up for his lack of range in combat. While he carried it throughout his adventures, it barely saw use as the half elf generally chose to settle things up close.

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