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Leadbelly Fargus is a mountain dwarf from the Leadbelt Peaks in Fusalis. Leadbelly is a traditionalist, and is generally no-nonsense. While usually quiet, he often acts as a focused voice among some of more colorful characters in the Peas.


He is a physical embodiment of dwarven tradition, at least in appearance. His beard is long and thoughtfully braided, and his hair is cut short. He tends to adorn furs and leathers, but eschews armor in favor of flexibility.

Leadbelly is prone to seasickness; any prolonged aquatic journey will probably lead to Leadbelly being bedridden afterwards.

Skills and Abilities

Leadbelly isn't really the most dexterous dwarf around, but he is certainly a physically powerful one.

Smith's Hand and Eye

As a former blacksmith, Leadbelly's eye for well-crafted metals is especially keen. If called upon, he could most certainly produce a masterwork. In one occasion, Leadbelly was seen commanding lightning to strike with his hammer during the creation of Onyr's Tongue, though this may have been done with help from Onyr himself.

Dwarvish Constitution

Leadbelly is more than just a name. Leadbelly is capable of imbibing all manner of things, including at one point, a literal mug of shit.

Storming Rage

When Leadbelly rages, he can call forth a storm and can summon lightning to strike at his enemies.


Leadbelly hails from the Leadbelt Peaks in Fusalis. At some point, he learned smithing, and became a master smith. He married someone and had a son, Leadbelly Balnar.

At some point after his son left to wander the world, Leadbelly's wife passed away. No longer keeping correspondence with his son, Leadbelly set off to reunite what family he had left.


Leadbelly was originally searching for his son Leadbelly Balnar, who he tracked heading north into Gessaria. He finally reunited with his son, but only briefly, as he was stolen away by a "shadow lady" who seems to have control over him. Leadbelly now quests to retrieve his son yet again, and break the binds placed upon him. Leadbelly confirmed the Twisted Knight was actually his son, bound in a vile suit of armor.

In line with his revenge against those that abused his son, Leadbelly has been tasked by the god Onyr with forging and honing the instrument of his revenge, Onyr's Tongue. He has claimed materials from two of Onyr's three champions already, and has been instructed to kill the Nightseeker for the next step in the tempering process.

Notable Possessions

Onyr's Tongue - Leadbelly crafted this reforged greataxe in an almost trance-like state, likely induced by the god Onyr. He continues to refine it uses materials from the Storm King's champions.

Mysterious Stone - After taking this stone from Grognock, Leadbelly has become fascinated with the stone, and inspects it often.

Leadbelly previously had a magic, silver rope - but he sacrificed it to Onyr in order to destroy the Bottle Demon.

Old Bio

In Gessaria

Leadbelly boarded Dirty Whale for reasons unknown. During an attack by a set of three Crusher Crab, Leadbelly offered heavy assistance; he took two of the legs off of one of the crabs, and attacked it enough to make it bleed out, but took some blows himself. He was captured by the Storm Knights, but escaped in a dinghy to Tevari Port Town.

Tevari Isles

Leadbelly arrived in Advar's Tavern, and inquired about the best ale on tap. After accepting Kradva Ospen escort mission, he deescalated a brawl between Grognock and the dwarves of the bar, and went on to defeat Advar Birchkiller Donkey Shit Challenge, much to the bartender's delight. In talking with Advar, he found out that a dwarf matching his son's description passed through a few months ago, but not for certain.

Leadbelly posed for Kerimtin to have his portrait made for Advar. Afterwards, he followed the wizard back to Havarson's Keep, and visited the blacksmith there; he decided against buying a kiteshield there. Later, he made his way with the party to William house in order to investigate the kidnapping of Merin Lavelle. Leadbelly helped take down the bandits keeping watch at a secluded shore a ways from the mapmaker's house, and hogtied a bandit in the heat of battle with extreme finesse.

Leadbelly assisted in hiding the bandit corpses in the forest surrounding the cove. After Jorden the bandit was killed, Leadbelly retrieved his rope from the corpse. He took the first dinghy ride to the bandit ship, eventually coming face to face with an ambush of bandits and goblins, but avoided being taken hostage. His seasickness began to flare up a bit.

During the encounter with the gooey goblins, Leadbelly assisted in dispatching them, pausing only to gulp down his stomach, which has been constantly rising during his time on the ship. He is put to sleep with the rest of the team by a mysterious power.

Upon awakening, Leadbelly helps in searching the ship and preparing a method to get ashore. On the beach, he is shot at by someone in the shadows, and he gives chase to them. In the hallway during the fight with the bandits, Leadbelly is unable to get at the bandits due to the narrowness of the hall, but attempts to throw a javelin at one, which misses. Leadbelly assists Seamus when the latter is hurt badly, swapping out for him in combat, allowing his safe retreat. He helps Seamus move over to Phaelnah for healing. He investigates the stonework of the hallway, but comes up with nothing useful about their creation other than their crudely crafted nature.

In the battle against Kreegal, he fends off a few of the goblin clones, but is splashed by one, making him feel kind of sick. He runs over to the totem and smashes it to bits, ending the continuous spawning of goblins. After taking a hit from the floating sorcerer, he then starts hammering on Kreegal himself, but is unable to break through Kreegal's staff when the goblin holds it above his head.

After the battle, Leadbelly takes it easy for a bit.

Hidden Information

For such a young dwarf, Leadbelly Fargus's past seems long and troubled. Scarred by a history of mistakes, tragedies, and impulses, Leadbelly's soul seems a lot older than it ought to be. 

He was once a weapon smith in a dwarven kingdom nestled in the Leadbelt Peaks, deep within the northern mountains of Fusalis. He was once ambushed by goblins, led by a ferocious half orc, an attack that took his father's life. He was then enslaved, forced for years to make weapons for his father's murderers. In a freak snowstorm that demolishes the camp he was held in, he makes his escape. He does not know that this storm was made by the god of frost, triop

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