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Tyerjon is a large, intimidating silver dragonborn barbarian, hailing from the far north reaches of Fusalis. He is a powerful warrior, but isn't much good at anything else. He once served as a guard for the Madrioc Commission, but quit his job in favor of adventuring with the Peas. Tyerjon has a strange naivety regarding many aspects of the world, but unnerving clarity about others. He is a man of extremes.


Tyerion is a large silver dragonborn, towering over most average people. His gleaming silver scales bulge from the mass of his muscular form, and his eyes are focused and full of fire. Tyerjon's lizard-like form is often intimidating to other humanoids. Having razor-sharp teeth isn't a particularly disarming trait. Tyerjon wears relatively simple clothes, usually the standard-issue uniform of the Madrioc Commission, with the orange, green, and blue colors of the city showcased on his shoulder as an identifying marker.

Tyerjon has a fiery personality that can be someone violent at times; he is generally focused on fighting things, and not much else. He has, however, showcased a few particular quirks, such as when he decided to by a bunch of crickets, and then went about naming them all and showing them to everyone he met.

Skills and Abilities

Tyerjon is a fantastic fighter. In battle, his strikes always seem to hit their targets. He is also quite swift, and moves across battlefields with great alacrity. However, in other matters not related to fighting, Tyerjon has shown himself to be utterly clueless.

Dragonborn Abilities

Tyerjon is capable of utilizing a frost breath attack, presumably a gift of his heritage.


Tyerjon has not shared a substantial amount about his history, but has explained that he is from the far northern reaches of Fusalis, and was apparently raised by goliaths.


Tyerjon wishes to uncover the circumstances of his birth. He has found out from the leader of the Bookkeepers Guild Eyles Hierto that his clutch was being traded in some sort of transaction that was taking place on the outskirts of the Dire Expanse. She told him that one of the members of the trade is currently living in Sanaris, a diplomat by the name of Eilon Terix.

Notable Possessions

Ancestral Sword - Tyerjon is in possession of an ancestral sword passed down through the generations of his goliath tribe.

Screaming Sword - Tyerjon bought this peculiar sword from Wander, unfazed by the damage the sword deals to the wielder.

Anti-vibers - Tyerjon purchased these special gloves from Vinn Vinnfeck at Vinn's Wares. The properties of these gloves allow Tyerjon to wield the Screaming Sword without the self-harming properties.

Firegel Applicator - Originally taken by Wander, the tiefling later gave the applicator to Tyerjon after witnessing the dragonborn's blindness during the battle outside Caedalir.

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