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Odstráň reklamy predplatným Kanky alebo boostnutím kampane.

Still spry at 83, Ivor is gangly and wrinkled with a shock of white hair. Once a promising station master on the fast track to Favored in House status, Ivor blamed himself for the Fairhaven rail disaster of 968 (thieves sabotaged the line on the approach to the Fairhaven station and an early morning coach derailed, crashing through the stained-glass windows of Fairhaven station and killing 47 passengers and pedestrians) and refused any further promotions.

Haunted by guilt, Ivor is very protective of his station and the stones around it. He is friendly and helpful to passengers, but anyone who remains at the station more than an evening without purchasing a ticket or who seems overly interested in the station, the coaches, or the stones encounters Ivor’s paranoid side.

If he suspects that someone is trying to sabotage the line again, Ivor does everything in his power to confuse them and scare them away. He uses his grease and mage hand spells, along with his dimension leap ability and a dolgaunt disguise that he dons to scare travelers away

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