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Taldor leads the Basilisk's Gaze, a group charged with hunting war criminals from the Last War. Even among the cerebral Medani, Taldor is considered something of an eccentric. He claims to have sharpened his powers of observation and reasoning through rigorous mental training and to have left “extraneous thought and counterproductive emotion” behind. If the typical House Medani member projects calm rationality at all times, then Taldor is like a living statue. Some say he doesn’t even blink without considering eyelid movement first. 

Regalport is the capital of the Seadragon Principality and the de facto capital of all the isles. Built around a sheltered deepwater bay on the island of Greentarn, the town has grown wealthy on the bounty of the sea. High Prince Ryger is a fair and conscientious leader. He uses his own wealth to ensure that town guards and other officials are well paid, hoping to minimize corruption and bribery.

Dragonmarked Houses: The dragonmarked houses are not well represented in the Lhazaar Principalities. The relatively small number of permanent settlements and the general instability of politics in the isles makes the houses understandably hesitant to assign resources and personnel to the region. Regalport is an important exception, and the town features small outposts for all the houses and sizable enclaves for House Orien and House Ghallanda. In addition, House Thuranni has its headquarters here.

Source: ECG

The de facto capital of the entire Lhazaar Principalities, Regalport has long prospered with its safe, deep harbor. Prince Ryger governs well, vetting the town guards and other officials for bribery and corruption. As the most stable and well-regulated port in the region, Regalport is home to at least an outpost if not an enclave from every dragonmarked house.

Regalport’s Pirate Exchange competes with Trolanport and Sharn for the title of “Most Exotic Market in Khorvaire”. In addition to local goods from the isles and the Mror Holds, the market heavily features goods from Sarlona and Seren. While the authorities here crack down on goods obtained through outright piracy, they are much more tolerant of smuggled goods from other continents.

The rest of the isle of Greentarn is a surprisingly verdant forest, blessed with strong trees ideal for shipbuilding. While no scholar has ever identified the exact reasons for the isle’s bounty, Lyrandar meteorological assessments have ruled out a natural explanation.

Source: Politics of the Lhazaar Principalities

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