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The Glacial Knights safeguard the arctic wastelands of Kälran, patrolling the borders of the ice ridges high in the sky. Trench lines dug through the snow are used as a secure means of passage to escort refugees and transport goods between settlements. Out in the perpetual blizzard roam vile beasts, hideous undeath, and other horrific monsters: their legions unwaveringly growing as the free peoples' wills and numbers steadily diminish.

Surrounded on all sides by high walls and imposing watchtowers, Borealis is home to the permanently acting head of state, General Sondus Vajdorn, and the bulk of the standing Huldanian military. Ruling with forbearance, Vajdorn is highly respected amongst the ranks for her confidence and courage, and loved by her subjects for possessing a warm and kind heart. Tales are told of her victories on the front line against the Kluuvachni Horde, and how she thwarted their advances into the Sölan Basin on numerous occasions.

The First Northern Solstice Battalion is tasked with the defence of the Jarlkirk Province and the capital of Huldan, Borealis. Colonel Andils Ryquist leads these valiant soldiers on the battlefield, achieving conquest after conquest to reclaim the lands of the North. Equipped with frost-steel aegis', flintlock longswords, holy molotovs, not to mention other divine armaments: the hallowed Glacial Knights, and especially the NSR are exceptionally well-trained and exalted stalwart champions of the Light.

Scattered on top of the snowy peaks and adjacent to the deep valleys stand the outposts. Visible from the centre of each respective province, they are garrisoned by static units of the Vernal and Fall Equinox Regiments who maintain a lookout across these impressive signal beacons in the event of crisis. Occupied by messenger ravens and war hounds: mighty ballistae and incredible inferno lances outfit the walls which are adorned with celestial sigils meant to provide warning and a bulwark from the evil outside. It has been almost 25 years since the fires were lit, and it would be preferred if things stayed that way.

The enemy has been biding their time for so long, amassing a boundless swarm of fiendish monstrosities. The desecrated corpses of former guardians and citizens of the world fuel their decaying necromantic armies, with increasing sightings of the unholy taking place in recent months. A bloodied raven has flown from one beacon to the next, and immediately the righteous fires burn bright in the night sky, each tower lighting in sequence. It is now that General Vajdorn must brandish her blade, Sakral Ära once more, and bring triumph for her folk, lest desolation finally befall the kingdom…

Key Information


  • Keywords: Venerable, Vestige, Virtuous
  • Themes and Touchstones: Frostpunk, Paladins, Soulsborne, Esoteric Cosmology
  • Colours: Key - Black, White / Accent - Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Family, Fear, The Unknown

Inspirations & References

Characters & Entities

Locations & Locales

Organisations & Families

Creatures & Species

  • Bubkyd - Dybbuk, Jewish mythology
  • Calmon- Salmon
  • EötnuaJötunn
  • Kluu - The Gentlemen in Buffy, White Walkers from ASoIaF, San'layn from WoW, Memory Vampires, the Silence from Doctor Who
  • Labraedor - Labrador
  • Oth- Mammoth
  • Vachni - Rachni, Mantid
    • Sul'Gam, Soul Gambit - Rite of Rak'Shir, StarCraft

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