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Prime is one of the ten Arcana of Mage: The Awakening, and the Subtle ruling Arcana of the Aether. It may be best described as the magic of magic; it controls the basic energy or "particle" of magic, the prima materia that mages usually experience as Mana or Tass (MTAs). Knowledge of Prime allows mages to manipulate this energy, allowing a mage to alter the spells of others, imbue mundane objects with magical properties, and manipulate resonance and auras. The Arcanum of Prime deals with magic in its raw and unrefined state, wielding the Supernal Fire directly in the Fallen World, rather than merely altering its facets. A mage skilled in Prime can form perfected images, dispel the works of other mages, shield herself from magical power, tap the power of tass, read the nature of a being through its aura, and hurl bolts of divine fire, the most powerful offensive weapon in Awakened society, according to its primary wielders, the Obrimos. So far, nothing has been found to dispute their claims.

Its associated summoning is the Cherub and the Exarch that supervises it is the Father. Within Astral Space, Prime is incorporated by the Aeon Lilith.

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