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  1. Schopnosti

Alien Mindset



Fear of outsiders is a deep-seated byproduct of human evolution. They are different from us, they have strange customs and don’t think the same way. Inguma know this and exploit it. They are Outsiders even among other Beasts, with mercurial, unknowable minds.

Action: Persistent, Reflexive (Satiety expenditure)

Normal Effect: The Inguma’s mind is a maze of dead ends, logic leaps, and thought spirals. Anyone following his thought processes becomes lost and confused. Those attempting to question or manipulate the Beast suffer his Lair dots as a penalty. This applies to Skills, Social maneuvering, or even supernatural abilities (though the latter provokes a Clash of Wills). This Atavism can’t stop others from re- vealing information about the Beast — but how likely are they to know the truth anyway? Characters suffering a dramatic failure while attempting to manipulate or question the Beast gain the Confused Condition from following his convoluted logic and twisted thought processes.

Low Satiety: The hungry Horror is malleable and resents attempts to know and define it. The Beast gains another Legend of the player’s choice and can use this to regain Willpower. Additionally, the Beast can choose to provide false information to anyone attempting to discern his Life, Legend, Aspirations, or Hunger. This may generate a Clash of Wills against supernatural powers intended to learn these facts.

Satiety Expenditure: The Inguma are strange even to other Beasts. On spending a point of Satiety, the Beast gains an ad- ditional Hunger of her choice for the remainder of the scene as she twists her Horror’s needs to better suit the spoils and offerings of the moment.

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