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All Your Teeth are Falling Out



Your body is a ruin of wasted flesh and ragged skin. Age, disease, or infirmity have robbed you of your vitality, left you helpless and weak as the predators close in.

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Satiety vs. Stamina + Supernatural Tolerance

Normal: The victim suffers a –2 penalty to all Physical traits and temporarily loses access to Striking Looks or any similar Trait dependent on physical beauty. This penalty also applies to derived Traits (e.g. Health, Speed, Defense, etc.).

High Satiety: On Physical actions where the number of successes matter (such as in combat or during an extended action), any normal success generates only a single success, no matter how many were rolled. An exceptional success yields two.

Satiety Expenditure: The player may spend multiple points of Satiety on this effect. For every point of Satiety spent, the Beast may reflexively cause the victim to fail a single Physical action.

Exceptional Success: The victim also applies a –2 penalty to his Defense.

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