1. Schopnosti


Supernatural Ability


Atavisms can be thought of as "imprints" of the Horror in reality. It is not a physical transformation, but its effects take place nonetheless. As a result, perfectly ordinary hands leave devastating claw marks and objects break under tons of weight even though the person interacting with it seems to be perfectly human. Since the effect is entirely physical, Atavisms can not be used for mind manipulation (this is the purview of Nightmares). Exhibiting Atavisms is often a great relief for the Begotten, who see their Atavisms as extensions of their real self.

In addition to aspects from their Horror, Begotten are also able to manifest conditions of their Lairthrough Atavisms. Again, the transition is not physical, but its effects are still felt. A Beast with a cramped, subterranean Lair, for example, might inflict feelings of claustrophobia amidst its targets. Such Atavisms are easier to use when the location of the Beast shares some similarity with its Lair.

Atavisms become more and more powerful as Satiety drops, making the Horror more active and eager to interact with the world. Also, every time a Beast uses its Atavism, supernatural senses (like Auspex or Mage Sight) register the true form of the Beast superimposed over its physical shape.

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