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The Uratha are creatures of change, with quicksilver flesh that flows and dances between forms. The spirit is no less malleable a medium, bearing Gifts torn in channels of blood and Essence. These symbol-scars gird the werewolf with power, bringing strange abilities to life as easily and naturally as breathing or hunting. Gifts reshape the rivers of Essence that run through the very being of the Uratha.

Despite their source, Gifts are not alien powers grafted onto the soul of a werewolf. They undeniably reflect the nature of the Uratha as predators. The power of these symbols shines through the lens of the werewolf’s spirit to cast a shadow suited to the hunt and the kill.

Moon Gifts tear into a werewolf’s spirit during the quick- silver communion of the First Change. These Gifts are Luna’s mark and reward, a scar left in the supplicant from that instant of harmony with a vast and powerful god.

Shadow Gifts are granted by spirits, or ripped from them at the culmination of a Sacred Hunt. Lacking the Moon’s ties to the Uratha, such entities must rend both Essence and flesh to make their mark, a painful and wounding experience — but one that grants power.

Wolf Gifts are fundamental to the Essence of the Uratha. As manifestations of the lineage of Wolf and Moon, these Gifts arm the Uratha with the tools they need to be lethal predators and consummate shape shifters. 

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