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Acute Senses (•)



Effect: The vampire can see, smell, and hear at twice the distance and with twice the accuracy of an average, healthy mortal. The vampire’s senses of taste and touch are also twice as sensitive as those of the same hypothetical person. The vampire can see in pitch dark.

The vampire can perfectly identify any sensory stimulus she has experienced before; for example, the smell of a lover’s sweat, the texture of a rare fabric, or the sound of an individual’s scream.

Add her Blood Potency to any roll to use her senses. This includes any rolls to remember and identify sensory details.

Drawback: Her senses sometimes overwhelm her. Any time you roll an exceptional success on a roll relating to her senses, she gains the Obsession Condition for the stimulus, but instead of being Persistent, it lasts for a number of nights equal to your successes. 

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