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Acceleration (Time •••)



Acceleration (Time •••)

Practice: Perfecting
Primary Factor: Potency
Cost: One Mana
Suggested Rote Skills: Athletics, Drive, Stealth

The mage can greatly accelerate her subject’s temporal mo- tion. From the perspective of onlookers she becomes a blur as if moving in fast motion, acting with impossible speed. At high enough levels, mundane creatures simply cannot perceive her at all, save perhaps for hair raising on the neck or a gut feeling that something is not quite right.

Multiply the subject’s Speed by Potency. While under the spell’s effect, the subject always goes first in a turn unless he chooses to delay his action, in which case he may interrupt any other character’s turn with his own as a reflexive action, then return to the front of the Initiative queue the next turn. Other characters using pre-empting powers provoke a Clash of Wills. Acting in such accelerated time makes the subject very hard to hit, but only as long as he is able to concentrate; his Defense does not change, but add Potency to Defense before doubling it for Dodge actions (p. 217). He may employ Defense (and Dodges) against firearms.

+1 Reach: Divide the time per roll of extended actions taken by the subject by Potency. The spell has no effect on the ritual casting interval of mages.

+1 Reach: For a point of Mana, Dodge actions taken while under this spell’s effect have the rote quality.

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