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Alchemist’s Touch (Matter ••)



Alchemist’s Touch (Matter ••)

Practice: Shielding

Primary Factor: Potency

Suggested Rote Skills: Crafts, Survival, Persuasion

Draped in the leaden shrouds of Stygia, the subject may han- dle even the most dangerous of substances without fear. When the spell is cast, the mage chooses a particular form of matter: The subject is largely immune to its deleterious effects. The material cannot inflict bashing damage on her at all, and she reduces the damage from lethal sources of harm by the spell’s Potency. The spell has no effect on aggravated damage.

This spell only protects the mage from harm that comes due to an intrinsic property of the material. The damage from a gun or a sword, for example, comes from the force behind the impact and thus isn’t reduced by this spell. However, a mage under the protection of this spell can handle radioactive or caustic substances or walk through a cloud of chlorine gas with no ill effects.

+1 Reach: The mage chooses another form of matter the spell protects against.

+2 Reach: The mage is immune to bashing and lethal damage from the material, and reduces any aggravated damage by the spell’s Potency.

Add Forces ••The subject is protected from extreme tem- peratures caused by the substance’s state. She can walk across lava, scoop up a handful of molten steel without being burned, or dip a finger in liquid nitrogen without it freezing.

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