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Community Vote October 2020

сентябрь 24, 2020

Dear subscribers and Patrons,

It's that time of month again where you get to vote on what we focus on! Last month we ended up implementing all three options, namely Relation Explorer, Calendar nesting (not all features from the vote were implemented), and Entity templates. On top of all that, we also released the Kanka Marketplace

We have some exciting new options this month, including expanding on the new marketplace.


The marketplace currently allows themes, with content packs and attribute templates teased as future improvements.

Content packs would allow plugin creators to create entities in the marketplace like they do in Kanka, with images, relations, mentions that can then be imported into campaigns. The idea is that creators can create either small settings, quests, or other worldbuilding ideas that can be quickly added to campaigns.

Attribute templates would allow plugin creators to create a set of attributes for entities, an HTML view on how to display those, along with the CSS to design the page. This would notably allow the community to create character sheets for various RPG systems.

Mention Non Existing Entities

A frequent frustration to the creative workflow is creating a new entity, and wanting to mention an entity that hasn't been created yet. We've mitigated this somewhat with the entity creator (displayed at the bottom of the left sidebar), but this still requires a lot of clicks if you don't want to lose your creative flow.

We want to add a new, faster workflow. When typing @ to mention an entity, if no result is found, offer in the list the options to create "Name (Entity Type)". When saving the entity, any mention made this way would create a new entity in the background.

Entity Notes Permissions

The current entity note permission dropdown of Admin, Self, Self+Admin isn't granular enough for many users. It forces a player to create a note as Self+Admin rather than the admin being able to create it. We want to kill two birds with one stone and simply allow the same permissions on entity notes as on other entities (full list of roles + members of the campaign with allow and deny). This will require building a new, sub permission engine to handle stuff that aren't "entities" in Kanka.

All three options require lots of work and many changes to Kanka, but we are equally excited by all three options. As always, features that don't win the vote will go back into the backlog and eventually make it to the app.

If you have any questions about the options, come join us on Discord!

Marketplace: content packs and attribute templates
Mention non existing entities as you go
A new permission engine for entity note

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