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Community Vote August 2020

июль 27, 2020

Dear Subscribers,

After the big release that was Maps, we’re going to go for a slightly quicker one this time. This will allow us to continue improving Maps based on your ongoing feedback simultaneously to developing the new features. Therefore, this community vote will only cover what we work on in the month of August. We have chosen two options that have received quite a bit of attention in the past.

Your options are as follow:

  • Timeline: build a timeline feature (that uses the existing reminders). This will include adding death/birth of characters to automatically calculate their age. 
  • Filters: add filters for entities with or without an image, option to exclude results based on tags or dropdowns (ie all characters with no family, or all characters not in a selected family, all entities without a tag), plus various quality of life filters on the various entity lists (ie completed quests).
Timeline - A new interface for reminders and calculating a character's age
Filters - More options for filters

Проголосовало участников: 72

Голосование проходило с июль 27, 2020 по Гринвичу до август 3, 2020 по Гринвичу.

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