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июль 26, 2022

Dear subscribers,

We're back with another spicy vote.

Quick Links

This option will add a new "parent" dropdown for quick links in boosted campaigns. This list contains the various sections of the sidebar, and selecting it for a quick link will place it below said element. For example, you could place your "Deities" to be placed directly below characters in the sidebar, rather than in the quicklinks section.

Nested filters

Ever filtered your characters for a specific location, but frustrated that you can't include all the children locations in the filter? For example, looking for all the characters in Paris, and have an option to also include characters in the various taverns and shops come up? This vote option will add this option.

Parent quest element

This option will add a new "parent quest element" field to quest elements, so you can link quest elements inside a quest, and have them depend on each other and visually be grouped up, to better plan the progress of a quest.

Quick link placing
Nested filter option
Link quest elements

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