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April 2022

март 24, 2022

Welcome to the April 2022 community vote! After a smaller one in March, this time around we're focusing on some cool and exciting new features! Sadly we can't build all of them, so we once again need your help to decide where to focus our energy.

Watch an entity

As a member of a campaign of a boosted campaign, be able to "watch" an entity. When watching an entity, anyone else making changes to it would notify you (in Kanka notifications, not email) that user X has modified the entity.


Add a new "number" type of attribute that supports a range of values (min-max). This option also includes re-building the default attribute rendering, to allow a user to quickly edit a single attribute without having to load the whole form and without having the page reload.

Custom Sidebar

As the admin of a boosted campaign, allow the reordering and renaming of elements of the sidebar.

Watch individual entities and be alerted when they are updated
Number attributes with range and live updating
Customise the campaign's sidebar

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