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Beginning of 2023
декабрь 30, 2022
End of 2022
сентябрь 26, 2022
August 2022
июль 26, 2022
July 2022
июнь 23, 2022
May 2022
апрель 23, 2022

January 2022

декабрь 29, 2021

Welcome to 2022's first community vote! To start off the year, we're giving attribute filters another chance, as well as two brand new options.

Filters on attributes

Add a way to filter entities based on their attributes. For example when looking at locations, a new field in the filters to say that the result should only show locations that have an attribute with "Crime" as the name, and a value of "high".

Entity Aliases

A new interface for entities in boosted campaigns to have aliases, which can be used for searches and mentions.

Google Two Factor Authentication

Integrate Kanka with Google's Authenticator security to secure your Kanka account. If enabled on your account, login in would require a confirmation code generated on the Google Authenticator app.

Filters on attributes
Entity aliases
Two factor Authentication

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Голосование проходило с декабрь 29, 2021 по Гринвичу до январь 5, 2022 по Гринвичу.

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