Скройте рекламу путем подписки Kanka или усиления кампании.

  • New shop system implemented


Homebrew Rules:

  1. Training Proficieny
  2. Studying spells during a fight
  3. Taming wildlife
  4. Long rest exhaustion (sleeping with armor)
  5. Hitting multiple enemies in combat
  6. Carrying system - updated, 14.4.22
  7. Downtime activities

The lake spans over 10km radius in the middle of Gwyndyr Forest, a stream of water from Mt. Dread flows into the lake, keeping it full.

The magical lake hosts many Creatures, and in the middle of the lake the water are brighter than in the corners, in opposition to sea water.

Fochlucan bandores were 3-string instruments similar to lutes. It was fashioned from striated maple wood and inset with tiger's eye stones.