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Changelings are the protagonists of Changeling: The Lost. They were ordinary humans who attracted the interest of one of the True Fae, the alien beings who live in Arcadia on the other side of the Hedge that separates the two worlds. Abducted and treated as slaves, playthings, pets or ornaments, they were replaced on Earth by a Fetch, a simulacrum created from Faerie glamour and scraps.

Unlike most such humans, Changelings have been able to escape back to Earth, but their time in Arcadia has transformed them physically, emotionally and mentally. Changelings are also known as the Lost, however, for while they have found their way back to the mortal world, the changes wrought on them have made them part fae. They are no longer human, and they can never truly belong to humanity again. Instead they must exist in societies of their own, trying to balance their humanity against the inescapable truth that they are now partially creatures of Glamour like their once masters.

A group of Changelings is known as a motley.

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