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The Book of Fortunes logs the Tarot associated with each session of the game, as well as some basic information associated with that tarot.

Session 1 - Ten of Cups - Face Up

The Ten of this suit traditionally signifies family and community, often showing a celebratory scene including many generations, crowned by a rainbow signifying the end of hard times. See this vision -- love and support extending in all directions -- a huge emotional safety net for everyone.

Word Association: inner happiness, fulfillment, dreams coming true

Session 2 - Seven of Cups - Reversed

The Seven of Cups reversed reminds you to reawaken to playfulness, joy and curiosity. Perhaps a lack of purpose is having a deadening effect. It's almost as if it is saying that you have forgotten how to dream. As a result, mind and imagination can become dry as a desert where only the harsh light of material reality can penetrate. In such a case, there is no golden glow, there is no higher purpose or magic spark.

Word Association: lack of purpose, diversion, confusion

Session 3 - Knight of Pentacles - Reversed

The Knight of Coins reversed suggests that you should stop wasting energy on people who can't appreciate you. Stop throwing good money after bad.

Cease wasting your blood, sweat and tears on enterprises dominated by people who can't appreciate you. In this instance, you would benefit the whole situation by moving on instead of being so loyal and true.

Word Association: laziness, obsessiveness, work without reward

Session 4 - Ten of Swords - Reversed

The Ten of Swords is reversed suggests that you may have been over-dramatizing your predicament. In an attempt to get sympathy and understanding from others, you have begun to believe your own stories and excuses.

Ask yourself what you would do if there were no one around to sympathize with you. Would you be making a faster recovery? If you reframe your situation to emphasize the chance to start fresh, things won't seem so bad. Consider the possibility that you are indulging in drama; take a more accurate look at your situation.

Word Association: can't get worse, only upwards, inevitable end

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