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Originating from Northern Aristocrats, the Vitae Glacialis is a bloodline of icey cold veins, demeanor and temperament.

Weakness: Members of this bloodline do not pass for living things. Not only are they perpetually cold, but so is the air around them. This supernatural cold reacts to their emotions, which feel frozen to the Kindred but lash out at those around them via this weakness.

Members of this bloodline get -2 to all animal ken, empathy and expression dicepools, and other people get +1 to empathy rolls made against them.

Disciplines: Majesty, Nightmare, Resilience

Unique Discipline: Glacialis

* Winter's Heart

The Kindred is immune to environmental tilts involving temperature. Additionally, everything within sensory range of the Kindred is under the effect of the Extreme Cold Environmental Tilt

** Cold Comfort

The Kindred is immune to tilts and powers which manipulate emotions. Additionally, they may forcibly freeze the emotions in another within sensory range, inflicting the stun tilt and preventing the target from spending willpower for the rest of the scene as all powerful emotions come to a screeching halt.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Glacialis - Target Composure

Action: Instant

*** Northern Wind

The Kindred may also choose to manifest one of a Blizzard, Heavy Winds or Ice Environmental Tilt. Only one of these tilts may be manifested at a time, but the Kindred can change which one, or suppress the second tilt entirely, with a reflexive action. This tilt is in addition to the Tilt already manifest by the Winter's Heart power In times of extreme emotion, the Kindred may change or activate this second tilt without intending to do so.

Furthermore, the Kindred may use their frigid aura to attack those around them, inflicting bashing damage to a single target equal to the number of successes rolled, which cannot be healed until the target is no longer under the effects of the Extreme Cold Environmental Tilt. The the target of this attack suffers 1 or more lethal damage from its effects, then they suffer from hypothermia.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Glacialis

Action: Instant

**** Frozen Moment

The Kindred's cold silences motion itself. They may spend 1 point of Vitae to use any one of the following effects:

  • Reduce the damage from a single, wholly physical, source of damage, by your dots in Glacialis. This reduction may stack with the damage reduction granted by Resilience
  • Convert a single source of Aggravated damage to lethal
  • Inflict the Immobilized tilt on a target in sensory range. Supernatural targets may resist with Stamina + Composure - The Kindred's dots in Glacialis
  • Put out a single fire, or similar source of heat

***** Ice-Risen Throne

The Kindred no longer has any limits on the Environmental Tilts caused by Glacialis powers. They may create within sensory range any combination of the Blizzard, Extreme Cold, Heavy Wind and Ice conditions. Additionally, the Kindred may spend 3 vitae per scene to extend the radius of their environmental tilts by 1 mile per scene, up to a maximum of 10 miles radius. If the Kindred does this, then they are considered to be in sensory range of everything within the effects of their environmental tilts.

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