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A Vampiric Bloodline possessed only by the Royal Family of the British Crown.

Weakness: Blood Potency is treated as 2 higher for the purpose of determining who the Kindred may feed from. Additionally, Kindred of Blood potency 6 or higher must feed from Kindred with a blood potency no more than 3 lower than their own.

Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Majesty

Unique Discipline: Sanguinomancy

* Know the Blood

The Kindred is aware of all blood within sensory range. They can tell whether that blood belongs to someone who is living, dead, supernatural or vampiric, and in the later case also know the kindred's blood potency. If the Kindred has feeding restrictions, then they can tell whether the blood will satisfy their restrictions. Finally, the Kindred can tell how many lethal or aggravated wounds a living character has suffered by sensing the amount of blood within their body.

** Taste the Blood

The Kindred is immune to addiction. Additionally, They cannot be blood bound to another Vampire over whom they already hold a blood bond, as long as they have higher blood potency than their would-be bonder

*** Consume the Blood

The Kindred pulls the blood directly out of their target, feeding from afar. The Kindred gains 1 vitae and inflicts 1 lethal damage for each success. This power may be used against targets who do not meet the Kindred's feeding restrictions, in which case it does damage as described above, but the Kindred never gains more than a single point of Vitae.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: Blood Potency + Occult + Sanguinomancy - Target Stamina

Action: Instant

Condition: The target must have suffered at least 1 damage

**** Command the Blood

The Kindred commands open blood to lash at at those around it, dealing lethal damage equal to the number of successes to all targets. This power may have any number of targets, but consumes either an additional Vitae or freshly bled blood equivalent to a point of lethal damage per target beyond the first.

The Kindred heals 1 bashing damage, or converts 1 lethal damage into a bashing damage, for every 2 damage inflicted with this power.

Cost: 2 Vitae

Dice Pool: Blood Potency + Occult + Sanguinomancy

Action: Instant

***** Master the Blood

The Kindred automatically has 1 level of blood bond higher than normal over all Vampires with lower blood potency, and over all humans without a supernatural template. This includes those not under the effects of any blood bondage, who are treated as having a level 1 blood bond to the Kindred. Additionally, anyone who has a blood bond of any sort is treated as having a blood bond of the same level to the Kindred while within sensory range.

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