Her story

Maeva was born in a familly of respectable tailors, owning several avenues and known among the respectable for the quality of their work. She' the third daughter of the couple and she was raised far away from the city's darker side, sheltered. She trained to pick up the skills of her parent and help in a shop until they married her off to someone. She was especially good at weaving enchantements and magic into the cloth, a skill her mother taught her. She could have remained an innocent damoiselle, until she was kidnapped 6 months before her marriage, at the age of 20

For her it was a shock and a brutal discovery of what the city could be like, but from that experience, she was reborn. She learned to kneel, she learned to please, she learned to perform but she also got to love, to adore the world she had fallen into and her captor.

She remained the personnal plaything ofher captor for 5 years straight. It's not sure why she was released or even who that person was as she never commented on it, but she came back a different person. The shy and innocent Maeva had turned into a confident, ambitious woman, with plans for the future.

She opened her own tailor shop, a small thing in a shadowy corner of the mercantile district. It has some good clothes to sell, but the people know it for the rumors that surround the place, because Maeva sells enchanted bondage items there. Magical collars, animated ropes, gags of perfect silence... Both the good people looking for a thrill and the kidnappers looking for tools to use are welcome to shop there. If an unsure damoiselle or a damoiseau seems like a good target, she'll even kidnap them for a few days, just to let them see what kinky things they really desire.

Rumor has it that Maeva's first kidnapper sometimes visits her, and that she just needs a word to obediently fall to her knees. She has a reputation among kidnappers to be an obedient target, but often becomes more burdensome to keep around when she isn't amused anymore.

Powers and weaknesses

Maeva main talent is to infuse magic into fabric, leather, and rope to create magic items. Most often then not it simply means a dress that changes sizes to fit the wearer, but she can make much more complex enchantements. combined with her fascination for bondage, she can create an arsenal of bondage items that will jump at her target on her command to bind them.

Since she can't carry her entire stock all of the time, that means she's quite vulnerable outside her shop, as she can't improvise it because the process takes time and work. She'll often carry a few items hidden in her purse or in a sleeve just in case, but that's it. Provoking her in her shop or in her workshop is a sure way to end up in 3 layers of bondage however.

Beyond that, she's simply a normal human with a decent amount of wit. Physically overpowering her doesn't demand a lot, a normal kidnapper could do it.

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