The Bloodsails are one of the most stable principalities, and Prince Shaen Tasil has ruled for over a century. Shaen is cool and calculating; she has no interest in holding the position of high prince, but she keeps a close eye on political struggles and has often served as a mediator. The previous leader was Prince Moren; according to legend, Moren was cursed for his dark practices and now sails the Bitter Sea in a ship of bones.

Source: Dragonshard Part 2

Shaen’s realm is notable for the fact that it is populated almost exclusively by elves and eladrin. The Bloodsails’ base of operations is on the far northern island of Farlnen.

Source: ECG

A thin, pale elf (she/her), Prince Shaen Tasil is perhaps the most feared prince of the Principalities. Mysterious and reclusive, rumors have filled in where facts are unable to. Most stories involve the undead – either that the prince herself is a vampire or is controlled by a cabal of vampires. While Shaen is not a vampire, the latter is nearly true – Prince Shaen is merely the most important living elf in Farlnen, somewhat comparable to the Sibling Kings of Aerenal. The secretive Grim bear even more relative authority than the Undying Court of Aerenal. 

Fortunately for Prince Shaen, the Grim are significantly more fractious than the Undying Court. As she nears her fifth century her plans to join the Grim are ripening. She currently does not see replacing one of the existing Grim as strictly necessary, recognizing that doing so could trip on a dangerous spiderweb of alliances. However, if the choice becomes between respecting the powers that be and achieving power for herself, Prince Shaen will always and forever look out for herself first. 

Source: Politics of the Lhazaar Principalities

More than 200 miles across and spread along the feet of the Shadowcrags and the Icehorn Mountains, the Labyrinth is a torn and ruined expanse of terrain giving way to the plains and windswept deserts of the Wastes. In its depths, Khyber pushes closer to the surface world than anywhere else on Eberron.

The Labyrinth gets its name from the maze formed by the canyons, mesas, and defiles found throughout the area. The terrain here is most sinister, and it is easy to become lost along its unmarked paths, or to fall victim to the natural hazards spread throughout. Boiling pools of mud, geysers, sluggish lava flows, and crumbling walls frequently claim the lives of reckless travelers. Roving bands of demons and savage humanoids hunt here in search of flesh and plunder.

The Ghaash'kala clans patrol the Labyrinth, keeping the horrors of the Wastes from pushing into the mountains. They discourage travelers from venturing into the Demon Wastes, often to the point of threatening violence. Though they stop short of attacking explorers set on entering, the Ghaash’kala ensure that nothing they encounter leaves the Wastes—including adventurers who ignore their initial warnings.

Maruk Dar: Small settlements of the Ghaash’kala clans are spread throughout the Labyrinth. Maruk Dar, home to the Maruk tribe, stands near a large defile in the southwestern portion of the Labyrinth. The Maruk folk dwell in concealed caves, reached by switchback stairs and protected by deadly traps and watchful eyes. No more than a few hundred people dwell in such settlements at a time, since the Ghaash’kala’s mission keeps them on the move.