This ruin is all that remains of the holdings of Clan Noldrun, whose members disappeared five centuries ago without a trace. Noldrun throne was the capital of the clan’s holdings—a great city to rival Krona Peak. All expeditions that delved into Noldrunhold ended in disaster, and the region was declared to be cursed and shunned. Now it is a ghost town. Some claim that the Jhorash'tar emptied the city with the help of a powerful relic, then massacred its folk in the distant depths of the mountains. Others say that fiends boiled up from the depths of Khyber to consume the dwarves while they slept, leaving no trace.

More than one clan has made efforts to take over parts of the Noldrun territories over the years. Special attention has been paid to Korran's Maw, the clan’s most prosperous mine. However, each attempt inevitably meets with disastrous and deadly results.

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