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Kara Sonnique née Horncloak was born on the 1st Tildus of Nightwax 19BA to then Lord Byron Horncloak and Lady Isabel Horncloak.

Her mother tragically fell to her death when Kara was just 3 years old. Her father remarried shortly after to Queen Luisa, and so she grew up within Cerebon Castle as Princess, though only in name.

Whilst her step-brother Prince Alexios "The Mad Prince" Rivvermont is renowned for his wild erratic behaviour, Kara has always been quiet and reserved, spending much of her free time painting.

Her father arranged for her marriage to, then Prince, Alistair Sonnique, to solidfy relations between Ri'En and Mironia with thier engagement being formally announced on the 3rd Thordus of Mistfel 1BA. During their second engagement party at Cerebon Castle, on the 1st Soldus of Firewax 0ÆR, an assassination attempt was made by a Quellian assassin on Kara's life, her life saved by her fiance.

Though arranged, the two reportedly hold genuine love for each other, and when the two married a year later on the 4th Thordus of Mistfel 0ÆR, they passed their hands through the Eternal Flame, thus proving their love as recognised by the Goddess Fortia. Upon King Alistair Sonnique's coronation, Kara became Queen Consort of Mironia.

On the 1st Morndus of Windswane 2AR, King Alistair Sonnique and Queen Kara publicly announced their divorce, admitting that their marriage had been political and though they cared deeply for one another, they had decided to part ways. Queen Kara left to Pandyssia shortly afterwards, and is said to be dating Princess Ixchel there. 

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