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Illuzi Bearhaven, also known as Thalia Saars Bearhaven, is the current high priestess of the All-God Astaroth. Illuzi was born on the Night of Silence in Omnifel in the year 19BA to Lady Kaarina Ill Bearhaven and Lord Roysen Windhelm Bearhaven, though it came to light later that were blood father was an unknown tiefling. She herself is a tiefling, however this was concealed for most of her childhood.

Growing up Illuzi was present at the events held at the Bearhaven Estate, primarily hunts, though she was kept sheltered from most activities by her mother. She was regarded to be a sickly and shy child, though she did spend some time with the similarly aged Princess Kara and Prince Alexios "The Mad Prince" Rivvermont.

At age 13, on the First Waredus of Huntswax 6BA, Illuzi was declared dead, evidently due to wandering off into her family's forests and being mauled by wild animals. She was quickly buried. In truth, however, Illuzi was alive. There is little information publically known about Illuzi's first death, only that she resurfaced in Mirstone in 3BA in a Temple of The Traveller as a cleric.

In 1BA, at the age of 18, Illuzi was involved in Emperor Malik's death, partaking as a member of a mostly unknown adventuring party, herself claiming to have been the one to kill him.

At this point Illuzi returned to her family, revealing herself as alive, and a tiefling to them and Ri'En's nobility. Her re-entry into the noble circles caused great friction, as did her friendship with Prince Alexios "The Mad Prince" Rivvermont. At a celebration of then Prince Alistair Sonnique and Princess Kara, she disappeared.

During the Quellian/Mironian War. on the day of Ævar's Return, Illuzi was reportedly with Alistair Sonnique and died in the conflict, though no body was ever recovered.

After the Assault on Heaven, a still alive Illuzi was recovered. It came to light that she was in fact held captive by Ævar during his reign until she was rescued by now King Alistair Sonnique. She was left in a comatose state for four months as she recovered in the Sky Palace, awakening on the 1st Waredus of Firewax 1AR.

Shortly after awakening, Illuzi announced herself as the first High Priestess of the new All-God Astaroth with the consttruction of the new high temple in Alysium.

Illuzi has a brass wyrmling named Itisko who lives within the temple with her.

On the 1st Morndus of Bornemas 3AR, King Alistair Sonnique and High Priestess Illuzi publicly announced their courtship.

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