Continued from Session 12: Descendant.

Amos came home to find his father asleep in his chair wearing his new formal suit from Cute As A Button boutique and his sister Laybeth reading a book. The book was delivered earlier that day in a crate with the other published Lovers of the Moon God books.

The next morning, Ren talked to his brother Неизвестно and learned he was offered a security job working at the Fournius Remembrance Ball tomorrow night in the Wyvern Towers. He offered Ren a chance to work with him, so Ren filled him in on the murders (leaving out some details). Karl said he would take the job and try to get a tour of the place before tomorrow, and will bring Ren with him to help with security. Ren is concerned that any orcs there could be used as scapegoats.

Amos, Ren, Meriel, and Tor'in then met at the Tradefair Seat of Law. There was some discussion on whether or not to share what they've learned so far with Watch Commander Surt. Amos said he would tell his commanding officer what had happened, and if anyone wanted to stop him, they should do it now. No one interfered, and they all headed to Surt's office where they explained what had happened the last few days. They did not mention that orc blood magic was used. Amos put off the paperwork, but promised Surt some fresh baked pastries. Surt said he would help arrange for Meriel and Tor'in to go undercover as staff at the Fournius Remembrance Ball, and would look to see if anyone was investigating Allan's murder at the Dark Horse Den last night.

The group headed downstairs to the records storage, where Meriel found an old friend of hers, Layla Rosser. They had both traveled together in a troupe where Layla was an actress. Layla promised discretion, and helped them find records on Vigilant causes involving orcish blood magic. Two were found in the last five years (older records were stored at the Keep of Order): Samegri and Goteg. Both cases had Agent Ragor listed as a subject matter expert. Realizing they had to let Emlyn know it was safe to return home, the group decided to make Ragor's house their next stop. Meriel left with Layla for lunch at The Buttered Biscuit.

After Emlyn left Ragor's house, Tor'in asked: "Agent?" Ragor sent Amos and Tor'in to the kitchen to supposedly make tea while Ragor talked to Ren. They talked about the two cases Ragor worked. Goteg was still alive, prisoner of the Vigilants at the Keep of Order. He was an enforcer for hire, and used the blood of his victims to enhance his physical abilities. Samegri's case was less clear. There were accusations of blood magic, and a few suspicious items that she had, but no concrete evidence. She died while being pursued by Vigilants.

Ragor recognized some of the orcish symbols on the circles at the murder sites. He pointed out "bequeath," "transmute," "restoration," "transpose," "clean," and "afterlife" (which Ren's father Неизвестно said was "death").

Before leaving, Ragor handed Ren a small book.

Continued in Session 14: Entombment.

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