Continued from Session 10: Personal Things.

Tor'in met with Oak and Alcor Aquilla to find what they had learned about Oswin and the Hammerfall. Oswin was known to be hoarding the last of the Bane that was made by Sana Eillar. Oak and Alcor found some suspicious activity between Rattlestone and the Bazaar at an old abandoned tomb. In the middle of the Week of Remembrance, one of the most important holy days of Lotrad and her Keepers, there were six Keepers just standing around the tomb, doing patrols. Under the robes, they appeared to be armed. There was no clear connection to Oswin, but Oak and Alcor both thought it might be worth checking out.

After Tor'in caught up with the rest of the group, they filled him in and then took Emlyn to stay with Ragor. The told the orc that Emlyn is a witness to some of Hammerfall's action, but it couldn't be brought to the Vigilants yet.

the group laid in wait around Emlyn's house in the Warrens. Late around 9:30 that night, three men approached the house.  Ren leapt from the roof he was hiding on and landed within their midst. With a threatened gesture of his over-sized hammer, he cowed the three men. One of them was a forger named Vano, come to collect on a debt he felt Emlyn owed him.  Emyln—or at least someone that looked like him—got a forged work permit last night to allow him to leave the Warrens. Vano said he used the name Galerius and the work permit was for in Darin's Folly.  Before Vano was sent on his way, Amos made sure to get a business card.

The group heads east to Darin's Folly and the Dark Horse Den. After exploring the ground floor, they move upstairs. Keen ears picked out a repeating thumping sound from one of the rooms. The door was locked, but was kicked open. Inside, the body of Allan, Kennick's old friend from when they were both Eyes of Fate, was on the floor.  The thumping sound had stopped, but Ren discovered a secret door that opened to reveal Kith hiding inside a bolt hole.

From Kith's story, she hid when she heard Allan and someone else talking outside the door—something they had worked out earlier. Kith did not recognize the voice, but it sounded like a woman.  The woman offered Allan some tea, and then there was the sound of something hitting the ground. The woman continued talking, but then she stopped and Kith heard a man's voice. She didn't recognize the language at first, but recognized it as orcish when Ren spoke. Kith says she thinks she would recognize the voice if she heard it again.  Kith mentioned that she and Allan were supposed to see Kennick in the morning; Allan wanted to introduce her, and help his friend with a speech.  Kith said that this happened about an hour ago.

A few drops of blood were found outside on the balcony. The murderer most likely left from the balcony and not the door.  Ren noted that there were more symbols around the body then there were at the scene of Thea's murder. There was also less blood on the floor. Signs of the tea were found, and appeared to be the same Redroot and Thawmallow combination. 

Oak, Tor'in, and Crow took Kith to Kennick at the Giving Hands. Meriel and Ren stayed behind, and talked to Ursa at the front desk. She was familiar with Allan, but had not seen much of Kith except when they first arrived. Ursa said that Allan arrived that night with a short young human woman with dark red hair, who Ren feels was Braelyn. Ursa did not see the woman leave.

Continues in Session 12: Descendant.

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Art is a photograph of a secret passage in U.K. Parliament from a NY Times article. Modified by the author.

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