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Inside the strong walls and teeming defenses of First Landing is relative safety, but outside are great risks and great rewards. The first pages of the New World's History are being written now. Will you be its protagonist?

You'll start your journey in First Landing. From there, you'll take on quests, fight, explore, and acquire loot.

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I was born into a tribe of orcs, vicious creatures. I was the runt of the family. My father never understood why I never was strong enough to pick up a weapon or why I never tried to learn divine magic. My mother was just as bad. One day we were attacked. The attackers were a band of 4 magic users. They fought valiantly but 3 of them were struck down. The fourth was Davan. He taught me some magic and we used that to escape. We ran. We ran away from my family, my clan, and my home. We got back to his tower. He made me his apprentice. I turned out to be one of his best ever. I was a prodigy. I was that way for 10 years. Then about 6 months ago Davan left. He came here. He was supposed to be soon so I left to come here and find him.

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Okoth was a Неизвестно that lived a long time ago, somewhere around the Cathedral of Grey Grace. Together with Trakan Sparrowtuft and Galfast Hamhead, he participated in the events that led to the civil war between three Halfling factions, in the war itself, and in its aftermath. During the shared vision that occurred during Take Me to Church, Lanliss Ashscribe was the one seeing through Okoth's eyes. 

Okoth was a Cleric of the Radiance, or the Sun-in-Splendour, the deity of the Halflings of the White Banner, aka the Halflings of the Ivory

Okoth was the nephew of Saint Odwulf Goldbreeze, who was also seen in the shared vision. He betrayed his uncle, and helped kill him, though came to regret it. 

A well-stocked bar replete with brandy, rum and a broad selection of speciality cocktails. The operation is run by Brings-the-Party Revamu, a vivacious devotee of the Mwangi goddess of fire Lubaiko. Just alongside the bar is a sizzling barbeque grill attended by Tender Antelope, a man who is extremely enthusiastic about grillin'. Most of the food offered here is spiced meat of varieties both foreign and familiar, though vegetarian alternatives are available on request. This location was set up during the Mwangi Summer Festival in the arena of First Landing.

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