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Do you find yourself often desirous of sensual contact, yet tired of the rigmarole of modern courting? Have your hands become all too well acquainted with your naughty bits on one too many an occasion? Are you tired of the abrasions, but also tired of messy lubricants? Ooze Tube's wondrous Velvet Ooze (Patent pending, all rights reserved by Ooze Tube LLC) is exactly the product you need! So, Hello and Welcome to your new life with the revolutionary Velvet Ooze!


The Velvet Ooze is pleasantly warm to the touch and it takes a texture as soft as a puppy's ear. The Ooze yields to deliberate manipulation and reshaping after a moment of effort, but otherwise remains as firm as silicone.

Создано FunzoSuruali 2 года назад. Изменено FunzoSuruali 2 года назад

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