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Tides of Fate

-Campaign of Carnage-

The tides have risen, the storm is ongoing, and you are at the mercy of the wind. The Marrowspit Matron is dead, but this has allowed Mother Agaia to gain admission to the Coven of Second Zenith and join powers with Great Grandmother Lily and Honest Ethel. All while Nazeem and his Blended grow in number on the sea floor. As heavy as that all is, without an immediate lead, there is space to breath and mourn the fates of Dune, Alara, and Echo while pondering the question:

Who is the Fated Child? 

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Vyncis Broadhammer is the owner and manager of the Jury Rigg Inn in The Drift's Anchortown district. He first met Bryn Van'Eetvelde when the elf-kin was disguised under the persona, Trevar?, shortly after The Wayward Crew first got together under contract to "Dune".

Much later they would meet again after Bryn Van'Eetvelde and Silas "Bad Eye" Elaro were falsely arrested for the assassination of the Sea Baron and placed in neighboring prison pods at the Keelhaul.

Together they escaped the prison and worked together to get to Commander Kovos Anavath, as Vyncis wanted revenge for being imprisoned for months with no charge. They eventually all learned Kovos was in fact a monstrous Deep Scion and after killed it, the group escaped.

Afterwards he gave a contract of his own to the adventurers that should they find themselves in the Ruby Atoll, there was an bad man there that needed dealt with.


"Ah... A child of Beory nears. What do you think of my tree?" -Ful-de-crìaidh, under the guise of Dew-de-dhuil’òir

Once known as Dew-de-dhuil’òir (Dew of Goldenleaf), a dryad Sister of the Islands, who became corrupted by the whispers of Primordials after tragedy struck her home island and left her and her tree the only surviving life. She learned to sever her tie with nature and in her madness joined the Broken Circle.

She was found and defeated on the Isle of K'nar by The Wayward Crew, where they discovered she had been helping breed and mutate kruthik for the Rift Syndicate.

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