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Beast Playmate

Mostly stays in freehold.


Fuck compromise. You know who wants you complacent and afraid? They do. They want you thinking you don’t want to fight back. No. Fuck that. You need to be angry. They earned your wrath.

Composed of those willing to fight back against their oppressors far more directly, the Summer Court weaponizes its wrath. Unlike the other Courts, Summer has no interest in misdirection or avoidance. Rather, they are brutally straightforward — a trait that is as much an enigma to the Others as the Court system itself.

Interestingly, to some extent, many changelings feel greater fear for Summer than Autumn; not all courtiers are capable of maintaining that iron discipline and focus, and unfocused wrath is liable to spill over to the innocent.

Turning of the Seasons

High Summer: Typically, the other seasons’ monarchs do not focus overmuch on martial strength, which Summer sovereigns view as the height of complacence. When Summer is ascendant, its courtiers dust off the freehold’s blades. Summer is full of testing, sparring, and arguing tactics. The freehold gathers combat-oriented tokens, establishing a watch on trods, and hunting dangerous enemies. 

Low Summer: When another Court rules, Summer advisors offer military counsel, suggesting small offensives against potential threats. They also often maintain a bounty system year-round, keeping up-to-date descriptions and information on the freehold’s enemies.


In return for blood sacrifice of various kinds (tournaments to first blood, hunts against the freehold’s enemies, and the like), Summer denies its adherents’ enemies the ability to flee from battle. When entangled in combat, the True Fae and their servants must fight to the last.

Associated Powers


Summer Contracts, both Arcadian and Common, are imbued with power relating to the Summer season (the summer heat, the sun, and the like) and the emotion of wrath.


The Summer Mantle is, more than anything, heat. It may be a pulsing warmth, like a heartbeat, or a dry, level heat. More potent Mantles let off heat shimmers from the skin.

Not Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire, but just maybe Europe's best defense again an Empire of Blood

The unified states of Germany. Once on the verge of collapse, the rise of Vampiric Britain has breathed new life into the Empire.

Each state in the Empire has one vote. One elector. Each state contributes to the Empire's standing army, under the command of Holy Roman Emperor. Each elector can put forward motions to the Holy Roman Senate. In times of peace, majority wins.

In times of war? The Emperor himself holds dictatorial power. After all, it worked for Rome, right?