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Expedition 23 - Rarder's Account


We've continued with our plans regarding the Four Shields Fort. I've sketched a marching-type fortification that would be built around it, so we have a safe space whilst cleaning up and repairing the fort itself. With materials and men it came to some 4400 gold coins. It should be finished in ten days. 

We used to make them in day or two, but these are peasants, not soldiers... Anyway, Boots and Hats are in overseeing the construction efforts, while Abarran and Horace, a squire sent by Baron Grellus, are in charge of the security. The latter are commanding some 12 mercenaries we've recruited.

With the construction underway, we decided to return to Tower of the Constructors. Exploration didn't go as well as we'd expected. Six ghouls took down everyone but Asher and me. Luckily, we hacked them to pieces. Asher was more concerned with milking once-again-dead-ghouls than dragging our paralysed comrades to safety.

Unphased, we returned once more, this time to explore the north wing of the tower. This lead us to a chest with 1000 silver coins and an elven dagger, which latter proved to be a magical one. We packed our stuff, and went back to our fort.

Alas, our return was interrupted by a massive eight-headed hydra. Luckily, we were able to outpace her on our riding horses. We will have to deal with her, as she seems to claim this particular part of the land.

We came back just in time to make for our appointment with the castellan of the Keep on the Yeoldelands. After some negotiations, we came to a deal. In return for our services for cleaning up the Caves of Chaos, castellan would provide access to his elven advisor, who can identify items and provide magical services, as well as his chapel and chaplain.

Castellan shared that there is a human faction in the Caves, and that there seem to be two alliances, but it is unclear how do they interact with each other. Either way, they shall all perish under the might of my axe.

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