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A luxury tenement located in the hollowed-out body of the Hawk Man, one of the famed Walking Statues of Waterdeep.

Dangling from the statue's outstretched left hand is a long bellpull, which visitors and residents alike must ring. Entry is granted by a door guard, who lowers a rope ladder or chair which then grants access to the tunnel hollowed from the statue's left arm and into the tower proper.

Within the tenement, private security employed by the property managers patrol the public halls and market alcove. Shops within the market alcove include a furniture repair stall—useful, so tenants don't have to carry broken furniture out of the statue—a small book shop, and a cafe. The tenement contains ten apartments, all of which are occupied at present.

  • Address

    Zeldan's Alley, Eldath's Alley, East Midcastle, Castle Ward

  • Type


  • Price Range ⏺⏺⏺⏺◐
  • Lifestyle Wealthy, Aristocratic
  • Proprietor(s)

    Jeanan Sparaunt

  • Occupant(s)


  • Periodically throughout Waterdeep’s history, the byzantine factions of the city—or some significant subset thereof—will become collectively fixated upon some single objective.

    Thus will begin a Grand Game.

    Unlike The Noble Game, which is limited to the inner machinations of Waterdeep's noble families, Grand Games run beyond the scope of simple high society squabbling. Though some of a given Game's players will be noble houses or members thereof, others will be members of powerful factions with a strong presence in Waterdeep, small bands of adventurers, and even particularly canny individuals.

    Sometimes the goal of a Grand Game will be arcane. Often it is clandestine, although quite public struggles are not unknown; On no less than three occasions the Grand Game has revolved around the appointment of the Open Lord. Whatever the case, the intense rivalries of the Grand Game give birth to all forms of subterfuge, covert activities, deception, and intrigue.

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