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Travels in the Old World

Following the adventures of CorrobrethErnest Ebola, Hilda EysenckMahgnim Rib, Ravenclaw Darkwood, Rutger Weiss and Thrumir Bhakdram as they leave their humdrum past lives to seek excitement and riches, or even just a good meal!

The menu on the left lets you navigate the world encountered by our heroes including the people they have met, places they have been, and monsters they have encountered. Also noted are important places they have heard about and the letters and some interesting items they have accumulated.

See the Journal section for a day by day summary of their adventures. Sort the entries by calendar date to read in order!

Remova os anúncios assinando no Kanka ou impulsionando a campanha.

Kratz is one of the sergeants from Castle Wittgenstein. You meet him when he impounds your boat at Wittgendorf on Aubentag 6th Vorgeheim. The next day, Marktag 7th Vorgeheim, whilst you are in the forest heading for the tunnel under the outer bailey, you encounter Kratz on horseback, leading a patrol.

You attacked the patrol along with Hilda Eysenck, your guide, but you found Kratz to be a dangerous opponent who very nearly killed Thrumir Bhakdram with a blow from his flail. 

Kratz was fatally wounded by Fleck and finished off by Ravenclaw Darkwood as he lay bleeding to death on the ground. 

The cavern lies 2 miles west of Devil's Bowl. On Wellentag 22nd Sommerzeit you were led here by the ghost of the torn and tattered female figure.

Inside the cavern was her grave and behind a rockfall the animated skeletons of the rest of her expedition who had been murdered.

The last of the 6" cylinders was found here in the back of the cave.

As you tried to leave you were ambushed by a group of Skaven seeking a piece of warpstone

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Tickets for the Garden Party.
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Marktag 6th Nachgeheim
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The Imperial Calendar
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Rallane Fanmaris
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Aubentag 5th Nachgeheim
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Royal College of Music
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big man
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Uli Breitman
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