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Stormclaw is an Ashbound shifter whose strength is legendary throughout the Reaches. He’s said to have crushed fiends with his bare hands, and even to have survived an armwrestling contest with Sora Maenya (before the rise of Droaam). Stormclaw is a bold and ruthless hunter; where his comrade Tasia hunts wizards in Aundair, Stormclaw reserves his wrath for the fiends he tracks in the northern woods.

This mountain, an artificial monolith erected through ancient magic, is the meeting place of the Conclave. When the Conclave isn’t in session, it is occupied only by the giants and golems that maintain it.

An artificial mountain raised from the earth by dragon magic, this is the meeting place of the Conclave. Built to hold a thousand dragons, it towers over the landscape. Despite its imposing bulk, it is often empty of dragons, inhabited only by the stone giants and iron golems that maintain it as they wait for their masters to return.

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