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Lanudo the Sorrowsworn was a member of the Boneyard's honor guard, protecting the valley of draconic bones from outside influence. When his companions discovered he was selling access to the sacred site he was exiled and branded with one of the worst possible marks - Defiler. He started his exile by collecting a small posse of other exiles, but realized that true vengeance would require supernatural help. Traveling west, he traded the lives of each of his companions in a Mabaran manifest zone for dark powers.

You’d heard that Oldgate was one of the oldest and most significant parts of the city, but passing through it doesn’t give you that impression. Oldgate seems too ordered and polite, too clean and safe. Contrary to its name, this area feels newer than the rest of the city, and the people seem as if they’re in a city of their own, far from the chaos in the neighboring districts.

Compared to the rest of the city, Oldgate is in good order, with rubble cleaned up and many buildings sporting new coats of paint. In the Age of Giants, the district housed the city’s main inland gate, the ruins of which loom over the westernmost part of the district.

In recent decades, Oldgate has become the home of expatriate communities from Aundair and Thrane and is considered a model district by the Storm Lords. However, under its respectable face, the district contains intrigues between its militias—the Knights of Thrane and the Ninth Wands—and other power groups in the city.

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