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Within Droaam, any creature that commands the loyalty of a troop and has successfully claimed and held territory can call itself a warlord, but only a small number of such leaders wield significant power. The best-known warlords of Droaam include the minotaur Rhesh Turakbar and the giant Gorodan Ashlord, but countless others struggle for power in the kingdom of monsters.

Droaam is home to a vast array of creatures. Many of these races maintain isolated enclaves: the medusa city of Cazhaak Draal, the harpy flights of the Byeshk Mountains, the scattered minotaur clans, the mysterious changeling city known as Lost. But other creatures have long been commingled. The ogres, orcs, trolls, hill giants, goblins, and kobolds of Droaam have never had distinct cultures; they have always been blended. Although enclaves made up of a single kind of creature do exist, most communities contain a mix of creatures.

In bygone days, many of these groups of creatures lived in transient communities, ruled by the most powerful among them and constantly in conflict with neighboring forces. When the Daughters of Sora Kell rose to power, they used force and persuasion to bring an end to this violence. They recognized the most powerful existing warlords as rulers of their domains, and they appointed lieutenants — including oni and other powerful and intelligent creatures — to govern other regions.

Within Droaam, any creature that commands the loyalty of a band and has successfully claimed and held territory can call itself a warlord, but only a small number of such leaders wield significant power. A few of the most notable warlords and factions are described below.

Cairngorm. A remarkably intelligent gargoyle, Cairngorm is the lord of Grimstone Keep. He leads the largest host of gargoyles in Droaam, and Grimstone is also home to orcs and other creatures.

The Dark Pack. An alliance of lycanthropes, worgs, and other bestial creatures is led by an elf werewolf named Zaeurl. The Dark Pack bears a deep hatred for followers of the Silver Flame.

Gorodan Ashlord. A fire giant exiled from Xen’drik has earned the loyalty of a powerful force of ogres and hill giants. Gorodan knows a great deal about Xen’drik and could prove a valuable resource to adventurers.

Harpy Flights. The harpies have long dwelled in the Byeshk Mountains. Several flights across the nation — including the Stormsinger, Last Dirge, and Rotwing — have pledged themselves to the Daughters of Sora Kell. Other flights remain in isolation in the mountains. The largest of these is the Wind Howlers, whose leader, Callain of the Bloody Word, despises the hags.

Kethelrax the Cunning. The kobold lord Kethelrax has laid claim to Shaarat Kol in the south of Droaam and leads host of kobolds and goblins — creatures that have been traditionally enslaved and oppressed by the larger and more powerful inhabitants of the region. Though his epithet, “the Cunning,” is used mockingly by other warlords, Kethelrax has the favor of Sora Katra and has proven to be clever in his own right. The kobolds are thrilled to have their own territory and are fiercely loyal to the Daughters, but many yearn for revenge against their former masters.

Rhesh Turakbar. The minotaur warlord Rhesh Turakbar has united the small clans of his people into a deadly force. His fortress is on the eastern edge of Droaam, and he often leads raiding parties into Breland in the name of his fiendish patron, the Horned Prince — also known as Rak Tulkhesh (see chapter 6).

Sheshka, the Queen of Stone. The medusas have long held the ancient citadel of Cazhaak Draal. Though they are not numerous, their deadly gaze and trained basilisk pets make the medusas a force to be reckoned with. Medusa priests of the Dark Six are spiritual leaders in many Droaamish communities. Queen Sheshka is a skilled warrior and general. She has been loyal to the Daughters, but she is devoted to her people and will always do what’s best for them.

Tzaryan Rrac. A cunning oni with a large force of ogres and orcs at his disposal, Tzaryan Rrac was quick to embrace the arrival of the hags, but he also yearns for greater power. Rrac is a skilled alchemist and a scholar of arcane lore.

Venom Lords. A group of tieflings called the Venom Lords leads a community of warlocks, some of whom are also tieflings. Their domain, called the Venomous Demesne, is hidden away in the desolate marshes south of Blackwater Lake, shrouded by powerful magic. Warlord Bal Molesh is a strong ally of the Daughters, and some of his tiefling kin can be found in the service of Daask.

Xor’chylic. A mind flayer serves as the governor of Graywall. It’s said that the Daughters found Xor’chylic in Khyber, and received his loyalty in exchange for a pledge that the hags would give him an opportunity for vengeance against one of the daelkyr.

Znir Pact. The gnolls of Droaam, once servants of Rak Tulkhesh, broke ties with the demons long ago and swore an oath of loyalty to the pack above all else. Since standing together and being bound by this Znir Pact, the gnolls have never been subjugated by any other force, and have never sought to conquer. Instead, they sell their services as hunters and soldiers, serving all warlords. The gnolls are trusted across Droaam.

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